Restaurant Review : Estate @ The Intermark

Estate Review (1)

I have yet to dine at any of the restaurants at The Intermark (previously Crown Plaza) at Jalan Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur city centre. A few of us decided to give the new building a try, since we’ve heard some good things about some of the restaurants there.

Arriving at the lobby of The Intermark, we headed to the Information Board Touchscreen Directory and saw Estate – known as the gastropub. It was coincidental, as the restaurant-slash-bar was on our left, as you enter the building.

What was initially a plan to have a pre-dinner drink and checking out the place, ended up being where we continued to dine, once we had a look at their menu.

While having drinks prior to dinner, we were immediately impressed with the place, which only opened up approximately 2 months ago at The Intermark. While the place was not packed when we were there on a weekend, I’m sure once the word start to spread about this place, it will start to find its own group of diners and drinkers alike.



As you walk in, you’d see the neon sign “EST:” against a reddish lit aluminium background. The hostess “table” is actually a stacked up pile of old leather suitcases. I find this really charming.

Estate Review (4)

I couldn’t help myself but run my fingers over the suitcases. It’s so old school rustic.

You turn right at this point to see a section of sofas and coffee tables, where it’s also a smoking section for those who’d like to lounge and have a drink.

Estate Review (16)

(Clockwise from top left) Suede sofas with coffee tables. Old leather couch with more leather suitcase and trunks like an English grandfather’s study. Exposed air cond vents in the ceiling. More mismatched sofas, marble coffee tables, old clocks and locker drawers. The bar area on the left with ceiling hanging lights.


I love the furnishings of the place. The lounge-y feeling of the mismatched sofas, old leather couches and coffee tables, complete with some old 1950s clocks, shelves and the same leather suitcases and trunks as end tables. The lighting is nice and dim, with unfinished wood ceilings at certain areas.

In the open area, the ceiling is also unfinished with open air conditioning vents and exposed cement.

Somehow, it adds to the ambiance and lounge-y feel of the place.

Estate Review (7)

The bar features old, rusted and graffiti laden lockers serve as the shelving unit and backdrop.


I really like the bar on the left of the restaurant. Other than the hardwood bar top, the backdrop where the drinks and bottles sit is absolutely creative. It features some rusted lockers with open shelves to display the booze.

Although it seems old and dirty, the bar is actually very clean and blends the old and the new perfectly.

Estate Review (17)

(Top left) The setting on the dinner tables. (Bottom left) The dining area with a wall of the Union Jack, a large stamp of the Queen and neon signs. (Right) The band performance area with old stereos as the backdrop.


I love how the owners found so many old items to display in the restaurant. Especially at the band performance area, which is a small platform filled with a full set of band equipments. The backdrop are actually a collection of stacked up old stereos and hifis that I remember from my younger days. No giant boom-boxes here, but the old standard small dial radios and cassette players. So lovely.

Overall, you will be enchanted with the overall ambiance and decor of the restaurant. It provides a very nice lounge-y feel where you can relax and chill.


The Menu

Estate Review (2)

Menus are clipboards with 2 pages of food and drinks.


We started with drinks. The gentlemen with me tried their impressive collection of beers.

Estate Review (6)

Beers on tap.


Estate provides a good collection of beers on tap and bottled beers. On draft, they have Heineken (RM17 Glass, RM 24 Pint, RM 58 Jug), Guinness (RM 17 Glass, RM 21 Pint), Kilkenny (RM 18 Glass, RM 22 Pint), Strongbow (RM 19 Glass, RM 25 Pint), Weihenstephan (RM 23 Glass, RM 28 Pint). This is actually rather reasonable, compared to other pubs and bars in town.

For bottled drinks, their selection is wide. Other than the pre-requisite English beers like Fuller’s, you get your choice of more beer such as Belgian beers (Leffe Blonde, Stella Artois, Hoegaarden), Japanese beer (Asahi and Suntory), Australian (Crown Lager, Victoria Bitter), German, Spain and Italian beer as well.

Me, I stuck to my predictable glass of Chardonnay throughout the night.

The food menu looks so good, especially to the European gentlemen I was with, that we decided to stay and dine there. We adjourned to the dining tables and ordered our food.

Estate Review (5)

We were lucky that it wasn’t packed that night and got a table straight away.


I would suggest you make a reservation if you’re planning to dine here. I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed if you trotted all the way here and can’t get a table immediately.

The appetizer menu consists of soups (RM 15.90), cheeses, salads and other impressive starters like steamed mussels and foie gras. The most expensive starter on the menu has to be the lobster salad (RM 99.90). Yep – about RM 100 for an appetiser!

Estate Review (11)

This is the pan seared foie gras (RM 49.90)


Most of us skipped appetizers and went straight to the main course.

Estate Review (8)

Hand cut Wagyu five striploin cheese burger (RM 79.90)


A couple of us ordered the cheese burger. This is no regular cheese burger. It’s an authentic Wagyu beef patty cheese burger. It comes with a serving of potato wedges and arugula salad with white balsamic dressing and a pickle (aka gherkin).

It’s a whopping RM 80 burger!!!

Estate Review (9)

Mouth watering burger…


But just look at it. Even the potato wedges are dam good!!! Hubby had this and he figured he might just have found the best burger in town!

Estate Review (10)

Guinness braised beef stew (RM 89.90)


This almost RM 90 beef stew looks spectacular. It’s cooked with carrots, onions and wild mushrooms on a creamy mashed potatoes. I didn’t try this personally, but the diner I was with was swooning. The serving was quite generous, that it was promptly doggie-bagged for later consumption.


Estate Review (13)

What about me?? Wondering what I ordered?

Estate Review (12)

Spicy half lobster linguine (RM 99.90)


Other than the Cote de Boeuf, which is a striploin steak at RM 159.90, this Spicy half lobster linguine was the second most expensive main course on the menu, costing RM 99.90.

To be fair, it is lobster. To be fair, the portion was quite generous as well.

When I ordered it, the waiter said, “Excellent choice!” I replied that my expectations were very high for this dish, as with the pricing. He smiled. I don’t know if they get a lot of petty diners here, like myself. Well, I only wanted my money’s worth, you know.

I asked if the dish came in tomato based sauce, since the menu stated …”tomato confit”. I don’t like tomato based pasta. He came back to e with several explanation of the dish – rather worried that I might not like my pasta and send it back or something.

When the dish came though….

Estate Review (14)

Not only was I completely blown away by how delicious the dish was, I was also very happy to get a lobster claw bigger than my fist! Well worth almost RM 100.

Because the portion was rather big, I only managed to eat half of the dish. Not wanting to waste the remainder (possibly) RM 50 of the dish, I doggie-bagged it home and still enjoyed it after reheating it on my microwave a few days later.

Every one of us were rather stuffed by the end of the main course and didn’t get to order all the other delicious desserts on their menu – such as bread and butter pudding, chocolate crepes, snickers bar (with a twist), peanut butter and jelly sandwich (for reals) and more.

So I ordered one to share…

Estate Review (15)

Estate Mess (RM 19.90)


The Estate Mess is actually a mix of fruits, meringue chunks, fresh cream, orange jelly and a scoop of strawberry sorbet. It was sweet, no doubt. But because it was mostly fruits (a whole load of berries), we finished it just fine.



The drinks are rather reasonably priced. Especially if you’re there to enjoy a glass or pint of beer, either on tap or bottled. The house pouring wine is also good.

2012-01-21 Estate Review (5)

Click on image to see enlarged version (with details of the drinks prices).


As I mentioned earlier, beer prices is rather comparable to what you would get around pubs and bars in town. In fact, for this restaurant / bar, it is actually rather reasonable.

I can’t say the same for the food though.

Food pricing, I have to say, is on the high side, compared to their beer prices. It’s equivalent to hotel dining. A bread basket, if you wish to munch before you start your meal, is a whopping RM10. The assortment of bread came warm, which means it was fresh. It was also very good, but RM 10 just for bread?

Appetizers might range from RM 15.90 to RM 99.90 (yeah – that lobster salad) and main course can range from Cottage Pie (RM 29.90) to that Cote de Boeuf aka striploin steak (RM 159.90) to desserts from Warm Sticky Date Pudding (RM 13.90) to Cheese Platter (RM 49.90).

2012-01-21 Estate Review (4)

Click on image to see enlarged version (with the full pricing on the food menu).


Coming Soon

I got a chance to speak to the waiter or manager or supervisor or just staff. I was told that they’ve only been open for about 2 months, so they’re relatively new. A lot of their setup still has room for suggestion and improvement. What they have is already beautiful, just a few more tweaks would make it perfect.

Bands / Live Performances

For example, they have not signed up any bands or live performances yet. Although they have a full piece band equipment and sound system, they should start to line up some jazz performances perhaps? Not a generic, Top 40s live band. Those music will be too loud for the diners. Something jazzy and lounge-y would be perfect.

Valentine’s Day

Additionally, no Valentine’s Day menu is thought up yet. I find this strange as: 1) Valentine’s Day is around the corner. 2) This seems to be the perfect place for a V-Day candlelight dinner.

I was tipped that there would be a stand up comedy show booked to perform for Valentine’s Day. While I feel that would be a rather okay entertainment, I feel a nice jazz band would be better.

Fine Dining section

As you enter the restaurant, the lounge and dining area are currently to your right. Apparently, on the left, where there’s a closed door and some wine shelves lined against the wall, would be another section of the restaurant. A section for fine dining.

While the current food menu is not exactly the cheapest or most expensive, be ready for more pricey, but fine food coming soon to the establishment. I have a feeling that they might just keep the current setup for casual dinners (they also have a good selection of bar food and wood oven pizzas) and drinkers. They might improve or add on to the current food menu and shift that to the soon-to-be-opened fine dining section.

Only time will tell.



Estate certainly has a lot of potential, as it is and in the future. If there are more live performances and comedy shows coming up, I see myself coming to this place again soon.

Even at its current state, I am still intrigued to come back to chill and possibly sample the other food items on the menu that we didn’t get to try the last time.

Mostly, I can’t wait to see what the new section will look like once opened.

For the lovers out there, come Valentine’s Day, you have another candlelight dinner location to check out and perhaps reserve a table for the celebration?



Contact Information:-

The Estates, An anti-establishment

Lot G-01, Ground Floor, The Intermark, 182, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : +60 (3) 2163 5732  Fax : +60 (3) 2163 5734

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  1. Dont’worry abt the survival of the place. LOL. 
    It’s owned by the BIG group – Plan B, Ben Gen food store, Bens at KLCC, Bistro 42 at BV II, etc etc.


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