Merry Christmas 2011

2011-12-24 Christmas Eve 013

Although I am not Christian, being in a multi cultural Malaysia allows me to celebrate all festivities with my Christian and non-Christian friends.

This year is no different.

The streets (and shopping malls) are filled with all Christmas-y decorations, Santa music, everything glittery and enticing for you to buy presents for your loved ones.

Of course, one of the better parts of Christmas is the food – the immense amounts of turkey, hams, potatoes and other festive dishes. I got to eat all these twice this year – one dinner invitation for Christmas Eve and one on Christmas Day.

2011-12-24 Christmas Eve 017

Christmas Eve dinner starts at Jane and Kristian’s lovely home where we got to mingle, drink and stuff ourselves silly. I was way too hungry that night to even take pictures of the lovely spread of food.

Considering I started myself on a carb-free diet, I did quite well filling my plate with only meats – turkey, ham, roast pork… *drool*

2011-12-24 Christmas Eve 052

The night continued when we adjourned to our regular pub, Havana at Changkat Bukit Bintang, where Shu Min, co-owner / manager indulged us in recreating a Prosecco giant cocktail that we sampled from Twenty One with a salad bowl.

As we continued to experiment with the different mixers in this “bowl” of cocktail, we got relatively drunk along the way. I remember little and noticed I forgot to snap pictures along the night.

Christmas Day came and we were helping out our friend, Niall in cooking some side dishes for his Christmas Day dinner at his house.

Everyone woke up feeling a little too hungover and tired, but the plans must go on. The turkey was already in the oven and the guests were coming.

2011-12-25 Christmas at Niall's 212 (17)

The evening started out fairly civilised. Sipping prosecco filled with Vodka Raspberry ice cubes (courtesy of Jane Murphy, who’s visiting from Ireland).

2011-12-25 Christmas at Niall's 212 (29)

I carried on taking pictures of the ornaments on the Christmas tree.

After much fussing, literally everyone present contributed to cooking something in the kitchen (I did the brussel sprouts and long beans with bacon bits). We estimated a bit too much food for the guests present. Nevertheless, after a whole evening of fussing in the kitchen, we were all dead hungry.

Christmas at Niall's

The spread includes a giant 20 lbs, turkey, mashed and roast potatoes, boiled carrots, sauteed brussel sprouts and long beans with bacon bits, roast parsnips and the delicious ham.

2011-12-25 Christmas at Niall's 212 (177)

So very much food and drinks flowed throughout the night. I stuffed myself silly (again) and drank equally as much.

2011-12-25 Christmas at Niall's 212 (197)

The night got sillier when the poppers strewn confetti was all over the apartment and drinks were flowing.

2011-12-25 Christmas at Niall's 212 (205)

After several attempts to find a party game that is not too loud, not too silly and not too much brain power required, we settled on playing “Who Am I?” where you have a famous person’s name on your forehead. You ask a series of “Yes / No” questions to find out who you are.

I think we played a couple or more rounds… I don’t remember much cos I got a little too drunk as the night / morning progresses.

All I remember was I had great fun this Christmas 2011. I remember I stuffed myself with a lot of great food, drank a lot of wines and proseccos, laughed with a lot of great friends…

So I gotta take this time to wish you all a MERRY (Belated) CHRISTMAS 2011!!!

How was your Christmas celebration this year?

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  1. This year Christmas was a little quiet for me especially being alone oversea and a long walk in the night. Missed all the great food which my Aunt always prepared.


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