Samsung Galaxy S II Owners Appreciation Party

2011-12-26 SGS2 Appreciation Party 002

Last Friday, on 16th December 2011, I was among the many Samsung Galaxy S II owners in Kuala Lumpur to be invited to attend an Owners’ Appreciation Party organised by Samsung Malaysia held at Publika.

The event started at around 7pm ish and promised a night full of performances, activities and prizes to be won.

It was kinda my first time being in Publika so I wasn’t very familiar with the area and parking spaces but did manage to get there before the events started. It was nice to see other blogger friends already there enjoying the free hors d’oeuvres, watermelon juice and beer!!!

Right after the registration counter, I got to do my first ala red carpet pose…

SGS2 Appreciation 01

I whipped out my personal white coloured SGS2 and posed for a picture where I got to keep the polaroid.

There were loads of activities and performances that night.

2011-12-26 SGS2 Appreciation Party 0132011-12-26 SGS2 Appreciation Party 0252011-12-26 SGS2 Appreciation Party 0362011-12-26 SGS2 Appreciation Party 040

(L-R) Malaysian Chinese comedian, Douglas Lim giving us all massive laughs. Samsung ambassador (missed his name) wow-ing us with some close up magic. Busco the band with some good ole local rock songs. The gorgeous local R&B singer, Mizz Nina with her dancers.

There were a bunch of games played with audience participation on stage. I joined the “Pretend to Shower” on stage with a human shower… I didn’t win the prize (SGS2) but got a Samsung baseball cap for participation.

Fellow blogger, Vernon Chan – was pushed by me to go on stage for the Dance challenge with Mizz Nina herself.


Again, the prize was a brand new SGS2. Vernon didn’t win either – but it was good fun.

There was a T-shirt designing competition where the winner gets away with a (you guessed it) FREE Samsung Galaxy S2. A plain old round neck white T-shirt was provided to all guests. There’s a long table filled with crayons, marker pens and glitters for you to be creative.

2011-12-26 SGS2 Appreciation Party 006

I spent about 5 minutes thinking and 5 minutes designing my T-shirt and came up with this…


The classic bikini in a T-shirt, with the appropriate Samsung and SGS2 logos.

How do you like my T-shirt design? Nice?

The picture was immediately posted on Samsung’s Facebook page at to be eligible for the contest through my trusty SGS2 smartphone.

When it came to judging the best T-shirt design, everyone marched on stage for the Samsung execs to view, shortlist and judge.

After some deliberation, catwalks to model our designs, it came down to….

Yoga FB (2)

*Image Source :

Me in my bikini T-shirt and the other guy with his Apple sliced by Samsung creation.

It was a bit of a split decision when we got the crowd to judge and cheer for their favourite. Nevermind that yours truly really worked the T-shirt in the catwalk rounds. So, Samsung execs finally caved and gave both of us a Samsung Galaxy S2 EACH!!! WHOA~!

Yoga FB (1)

*Image Source :

Here I am with my prize for the night – a brand spanking new, sealed Samsung Galaxy S II phone (Black colour) from Samsung Malaysia. See the giant grin on my face… Thanks, guys!!!

Considering Samsung sold millions of SGS2 worldwide, it was really nice of them to organise this appreciation party for their users and supporters. Although it was drizzling a little here and there that night, it was a good event where I got to hang out with fellow bloggers, bumped into some old friends (Hi, Ben) and got to know the Samsung execs a little more. Smile

For more pictures, check out Facebook albums from Vernon here and Yoga here. Of course, don’t forget to “*LIKE* Samsung’s Facebook Page at for future events and invites.

Thanks, Samsung for an AWESOME-sauce night! Oh ya – and for my Samsung Galaxy S2 prize! Hehe.

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