Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus User Review


It’s been 2 weeks since I had been using the review unit of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus as my primary tablet.

Previously, I posted about my first impression of the tablet here, where I covered the physical hardware and overview of this 7 incher tablet from Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus is actually the successor of the very popular original 7 incher (where I’ve also reviewed here). However, this new version is very much upgraded in a lot of ways.

Amongst the key differentiators of this new Tab 7 Plus vs original Galaxy Tab include:-

  • Thinner (9.96mm vs 12mm)
  • Lighter (345g vs 380g)
  • Tablet optimised OS (Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS vs Smartphone Android 2.2 Froyo OS)
  • More powerful processor (Dual Core 1.2GHz vs SIngle core 1GHz)…and much more

Tab 7 Plus Hardware

Seriously, before you watch the video review, do check out the previous post >> Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus First Impression.

Here’s my video review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus; covering a quick overview, my top likes and dislikes, summary and recommendations, pricing and availabilities of the tablet in Malaysia.


As mentioned in the video, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus is available for sale now in Malaysia for the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of RM 1,699 at various Samsung and retail outlets. There are also operator subsidized plans where you can purchase the tablet at a lower price, provided you signup with their voice + data plans:-

  • U Mobile : RM 999 onwards (check out U Mobile’s plans here)
  • DiGi : RM 1,049 onwards (check out DiGi’s plans here)
  • Celcom : RM 1,188 onwards (check out Celcom’s plans here)

In conclusion, I really REALLY like the tablet. The biggest selling point to me (and a lot of my other friends, including some iPhone users) is that the size is PERFECT for mobility and travel.

I just wish they were selling the version with the grey / brushed metal backing here instead of the glossy white version.

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If you’re confused on all the various Galaxy Tabs on offer, provided a very good table to compare specs here. In case you’re lazy to click on that link, here’s that table.

*Image Source :

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For more information on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus, do check out the Samsung product microsite here.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus User Review

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  1. With default apps that come with it(no extra apps installed) and also the brightness at around 30%, I hardly able to get it run over 12h with normal usage, ie. SMS & phone call only with data & 3G off… Reading ebook continuously will drain the battery from fully charged to 50% in less than 4h in airplane mode. Playing Angry Bird continuously would last only like 2-3h from fully charged to total flat out again in airplane mode. That went about the same as one of my friends 7.0 Plus as well.So it’s definitely nothing come close to 40h talk time in 2G mode & 20h in 3G mode as Samsung advertise…

    It’s still fall on the half to one day per charge category as other tablet does. I would say it’s a great tablet if it able to do 20h talk time even in 2G. As for standby, I doubt it would last for 500h(a little over 20 days), but Samsung claimed the standby time is 1000h.

    Without using much in the past 4h in airplane mode, it already used up 20% of the battery life since fully charged this morning.

    If by any chance yours able to do 20h talk time in whatever mode, please do let me know, I would definitely need to get a replacement battery warranty from Samsung.

    Thanks & great review anyway.


  2. Great review! I enjoyed also watching your bubbly personalty and good looks…you had me so convinced that I did order a Galaxy 7plus tablet,
    Take care


  3. Where would you recommend that I purchase this? Tried to get it from Lazada but the clowns there had run out of stock, and they did not bother to inform me until I enquired.


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