Movember Shave Off

2011-11-30 MoBros Shave Off 023It’s 1st December and Movember is officially over!

For a refresher, if you don’t know what I’m talking about – head over to my old post here asking for your kind donations to support my Hubby and friends’ quest to raise money in support of Men’s Cancer.

So, last night (ahem), the team of Havana MoBros gathered around to raise additional money from the patrons in Havana Bar at Changkat Bukit Bintang for last minute donations.

A bucket went around while I explain Movember to the diners and ask for donations. FYI – Globally, Movember has raised over 51 million!!!

2011-11-30 MoBros Shave Off 0162011-11-30 MoBros Shave Off 018

The Havana MoBros raised a total of RM 640 from the diners!!! Woo-hoo!!! Well done, boys!


MoBros Shave Off

So here’s a final picture of the Havana MoBros posing with their moustache growing efforts before shaving it all off….


2011-11-30 MoBros Shave Off 046

The shaving even clogged the Havana sink with at least an inch of water and foam and (ew!) facial hair.


After Shave Off

Yeah – Paul James (bottom centre pic) shaved his full facial hair down to his slim handlebar only. I wonder if he went home to finish the job?


At the end of it all, the Havana MoBros raised a total of GBP 1100 at the end of the campaign! Check out their score here. All the proceeds will go to various organisations helping support the cause for men’s prostate and testicular cancer.

Well done, boys!

Mostly, thanks to everyone who donated to support and help raise awareness for Movember and Men’s Cancer.

Same thing again next November! See ya then!

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