Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus First Impression

I have to make this disclaimer that I am NOT working for Samsung, nor am I a Samsung fangirl. Samsung Malaysia just happen to be the most aggressive when it comes to their digital efforts and engaging bloggers more than the other device manufacturers.

OK. Now, let’s get down to it.

2011-11-25 Galaxy Tab 7  First Impression 006I just collected the brand new – yet unreleased – Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus. It’s a 7” Android Honeycomb OS version 3.2 in a smaller hand holdable size.

But wait ~ didn’t they already have a 7” tablet about a year ago exactly?

If you’re confused, well – so am I. So, let me explain…


Background on Samsung tablet line up

Samsung’s first venture into the tablet space was the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a 7’” Android Froyo 2.X OS which was an OS for smartphones, not tablet. I had it and did my review on it here. Then, Android released their Android Honeycomb OS 3.X and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was their hero device. Read my review of that here.

Recently, Samsung has just released their Samsung Galaxy Note, their 5.3’ smartphone / tablet hybrid in SEA. I covered their Samsung Galaxy Note World Tour SEA leg in Jakarta here. I also did my unboxing video here and subsequently a full review here. Mind you, this device runs on the Android Gingerbread 2.3 OS which is a smartphone OS. So, you wouldn’t technically call this a tablet.

Not too long ago, they quietly released their Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 which is the 8.9” version of the 10.1” tablet. It’s pretty much the exact same specs as the 10.1 tablet, but in a smaller 8.9” screen.

If you’re been reading the tech news, there is also a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7” version in the Samsung tablet line up. This version is not on sale in the Malaysian market yet. In fact, other than demo previews, no one in the world has a production unit of this mysterious 7.7” tablet yet.

And now, that brings us to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus that I have in my hands today.


Upgraded Samsung 7 inch tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus is an upgraded version of their original 7” tablet. Here’s a quick overview of the 1st Gen (Samsung Galaxy Tab) and 2nd Gen (Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus) comparison:-

Samsung Galaxy Tab (OLD)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus (NEW)


7” WSVGA 1024 X 600

7” WSVGA PLS 1024 X 600


190.1 x 120.5 x 12 mm

193.65x 122.37 x 9.96mm


380 g

345 g

Operating System (OS)

Android 2.2 Froyo

Android 3.2 Honeycomb


3MP (Rear), 1.3MP (Front)

3MP 720p HD (Rear), 2MP (Front)


1GHz ARM Cortex A8

Dual Core 1.2GHz Exynos


16/32 GB storage, 512MB RAM

16/32 GB storage, 1GB RAM


4,000 mAh

4,000 mAh

Phone Call function







The main differentiator of this Tab 7 Plus that I must highlight includes:-

  1. Much slimmer and lighter – As you can see from the specifications, the NEW Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus is way lighter than its predecessor. It’s also much slimmer, which makes it helluva lot portable than before. Nice!
  2. Runs on tablet-optimised Android Honeycomb OS – It now runs on a proper Android tablet OS, which means that you can now view 2-pane style apps built for tablet view. Even if the app is not optimised for tablets, the blown up dimension of the app won’t look too silly on this 7 inch screen, versus the 10.1 incher.
  3. Mobile Call function included – Like the previous generation of this 7” tablet, you still have a Phone Call function on this tablet. It will look a little silly holding this up to your ear to take a call, it’s always advisable to use a Bluetooth / wired headphones instead.
  4. Infrared port – Yes, it has an IR port. In case you’re wondering when the last time any phone includes this port and if this technology was long dead. Well, the Tab 7 Plus has this IR port and an app included to allow you to customise and use IR as a remote control for your TV. Yep!


Hardware Outlook

If you’ve seen, own or have played with Samsung tablets before (the 8.9 or 10.1 version), you’d get a rough idea of the built for this.

2011-11-25 Galaxy Tab 7  First Impression 0282011-11-25 Galaxy Tab 7  First Impression 024

The tablet is very portable indeed. It’s smaller than the regular B5 size notepad. I have it pictured next to a regular sized wine glass (yes, I was having a nice glass when I took the pics).

The front face of the tablet is completely button-less. Unlike the bigger tablets, this Tab 7 Plus is made to be used more in portrait mode, rather than landscape. Holding it in portrait mode, there is the headphone speaker grill at the top bezel. Next to it on the right, you would see the tiny front facing camera for video calling.

The rear of the device has a nice white glossy finishing with the 3 megapixel rear camera with the built in Auto Flash. It has a non-removable battery built in.


Galaxy Tab 7 Plus Hardware

(Top Left Pic) At the top of the device, you find the 3.5mm headphone jack.

(Top Right Pic) At the left of the device are 2 slots for the SIM card and MicroSD card. One tiny niggle I have with Samsung tablets are the SIM card slots. It uses a regular SIM but inserting it in can be a little difficult. I would suggest using your nails, ladies and a paperclip for the men.

(Bottom Right Pic) Bottom of the device is the proprietary Samsung charging and syncing port. No microUSB ports here, but additional accessories can be purchased. At the two side, you’d get the speaker grill. Also the tiny hole for the microphone for phone calls.

(Bottom Left Pic) On the right of the device, you’ll find the Power On/Off button and the volume rocker.

As you can see from the pictures, this Tab 7 Plus is a lot less thinner than before. Remember the older Tab where the sides were flat panels? This time, it’s a smooth curve with chrome finishing. Nice!


Size Comparison

From the picture above, you get the idea of the size of the tablet next to the wine glass and how it looks in my hands. As I have my Samsung Galaxy S II in my hands, I took some pictures comparing sizes here as well.

Tab 7 Plus Size

I am NOT comparing the function of both these device – as one is a smartphone (Galaxy S II) and the other a tablet (Tab 7 Plus). So that would be an unfair apple vs oranges dogfight.

The picture above will give you a rough idea of the device size and thickness compared. Thickness wise, it’s all most equally thin. If you remember Samsung Galaxy S II being a thin phone – well, the Tab 7 Plus is as thin.


Initial Reactions

I have only been playing with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus for a few days only. Which means, I have yet to fully utilise it for a full review. These initial days using it, I am already in love. I even have Apple users complimenting this device as being the perfect mobile tablet and loving the size.

If you’ve been swayed to get one of those touchscreen e-Readers like Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire, then you might want to reconsider. You can easily top up your spend and get this as an eReader slash full fledge tablet.

The portability (and pocketability) of this Tab 7 Plus is definitely a winner in my book.

Note : Harvey Norman has already started selling this device for RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of RM 1,699. There are also talks that this will be offered by U Mobile with a contract signup. You can register your interest on their website here.

Check back soon for a full review next week.

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  1. let us know if you find any cases. can’t seem to find nice ones on ebay – probably because they’re not manufactured yet. EVen my SP had to be a DIY frankenstein looking one from a spare GTab10 SP.


  2. 7.7 and 7.0.. why 7.7 is big like 10.1…=(

    but i still want it.. can someone please help me click button tweet and google +.. also comment the entry as creative as you can.. u have chance to win RM50..

    i want galaxy tab 7.7 if i can collect same amount of tweets, google + and comments..i will win this gadget

    visit here..

    Get RM50 with creative comment on this entry..


      1. true what you said!!!  i already in love with the Tab too….. the Tab work so awesome and very portable to carry everywhere (compare with an ipad)
        but one thing i find different between this two tablets (exclude the size), is Ipad more sensitive and smooth than Tab, is it??.. An old Tab easily get hang…..i hope not at this new Tab….


      2. This new Tab is much smoother than the original. But if you wanna talk specs, the new upcoming 7.7 will be faster & smoother. Also apps are different between iOS & Android.


      3. oh really??? when exactly come out…. i heard the rumors said this coming March 0_o??… and one thing, is it LED or AMOLED?? i a bit jealous when compare the screen with S2… Wonder why Tab 7 plus hasnt AMOLED at the first place 😦 


  3. Dear winnie,
    I just bought galaxy tab 7.0 plus yesterday but wondering why mine don’t have any infrared port..very weird when hubby figuired out that his fren’s tablet do have about urs?


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