Goodbye, Google Wave

Wave goodbye to Wave. Major pun intended.

Today, Google has finally “sunsetted” Google Wave. That is basically a nicer way of saying that they have finally killed the service.

On Wednesday, two days ago, I tweeted the news here. For those who don’t follow me on Twitter, I got the confirmation on the death of this service TODAY when I received the following email from Google.

Google Wave Sunset

Based on the email, come 31 January 2012, you probably won’t be able to use Google Wave anymore, except read old Waves. On 30 April 2012, Google Wave will officially be laid to rest… buried.

I remember when the beta invites was out, I pleaded with my friend, Daniel, who is a Social Media Guru, to get my name on the list and be (one of the first few in Malaysia) to use the Google Wave. It was all very exclusive and mysterious then. As an early adopter, I NEED to be one of the users on Google Wave then.

In the whole time I as on Google Wave, even after the invites became open and anyone can signup, I only used the service once, to play around with my hubby.

There was only one point in my work, where another division in the organisation, requested to use Google Wave for group discussions and collaboration. Yet – I never quite did. Opting for a face-to-face or email meeting instead.

Now, with the upcoming demise of the Google Wave, I don’t feel enraged. I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. I don’t feel like Google is killing a service like Gmail or Google Search or anything. It was… MEH.

As you can see in the email from Google, you can still use Google Wave, if you really want to. A small niche cult-like follower will need to get all technical with Apache Wave and find another workaround to continue to “Wave”.

How many of you use Google Wave and are gonna miss it?

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