Listen to Movie Podcast!

2011-10-20 McYapandFries BTS (32)

Yes, this post warrants an exclamation mark!!!!

After a long wait of wanting to go behind the scenes of a podcast production, I got to witness one of my friends’ weekly movie podcast.

Yep – it’s for

It’s two HIGHlarious geeks, Iain McNally (Mc) and Gavin Yap (Yap) basically analysing and dissecting the latest in the movie scene.

A couple of weeks ago, while Gavin was away (supposedly attending a George Michael concert?), hubby Geoff stepped in as a guest host. The recording was in progress, setup in my home dining table. Yeah – a couple of guys just talkin’ movies.

Excerpts from the Podcast details:-

In this week’s show, Geoff and I  review Irish Crime drama  “The Guard”, starring Brendan Gleeson (Bravehearts Flame haired mate) & Don Cheadle (Iron Man’s army buddy MK 2);  “Red State” by Kevin Smith, he of Clerks, Dogma & Mallrats fame, red-neck horror comedy “Tucker and Dale vs Evil” and  the latest Jason Statham movie also starring ROBERT DE NIRO(!!!???) “Killer Elite” .

Listen to this podcast here.

Then, click on to see the Behind-The-Scenes images.

It was awesome to get to witness what goes into recording a podcast for the Podcast Techie himself, Iain.

You see them spew their movie critics, actor updates, movie news, etc.

2011-10-20 McYapandFries BTS (47)

Look at hubby’s frown in this picture here. Must be some tough question from Iain.

2011-10-20 McYapandFries BTS (30)

Iain with his computer on (lots of fact checking here, my friends) and the serious hand gestures. Some hard hitting journalism here, folks.

But when you get to the core of the podcast…

…basically, it was just a lot of booze.

2011-10-20 McYapandFries BTS (36)2011-10-20 McYapandFries BTS (38)

Nope. No Heineken sponsorship here. But I’m sure they’re willing to consider sponsorship. Winking smile *hint*hint*

The guys have a lot of fun. They also bring you all the news and updates that you can enjoy and also contribute to the conversations.

As if I can’t stress enough : Listen to this podcast here. You can also comment on hubby’s performance. Smile with tongue out

2011-10-20 McYapandFries BTS (43)

Also, remember to subscribe to them from their website here.

Note : Their movie podcasts are (supposedly) weekly on Sundays and is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) with *adult* languages. Which basically means it’ll be a whole lotta laugh.

Or you can stalk these funny guys on Twitter. For Iain (@McNastyPrime), Gavin (@gavyap) or Geoff (@geoffhead). We do the occasional mindless tweets back and forth about unicorns sometimes. Open-mouthed smile

Their intro song is kinda stuck in my head now.

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