Havana’s 2nd Halloween Costume Party 2011

If you have been following my blog post here or my Facebook Page here or the direct Facebook Event Page here, you’d know that this year is my 2nd annual Halloween Costume Party at Havana, Changkat Bukit Bintang in KL.

Last year was a huge success. This year, after loads of planning, co-ordinating, sweating and organising (and partying, of course) the 2011 Halloween Party was another MASSIVE success. We have more people than we did last year – hopefully managing to be KL’s Biggest Halloween Costume Party.

90% of the guests at the party were in costumes. If you’re not in disguise, you were the serious odd one out.

Thank you all for another great party. One step closer to me being the Heidi Klum of Halloween parties in KL. Hehehe.

Oh – in case you didn’t know, this year is Heidi’s 12th Annual Halloween Costume Party in LA. This year, her costume was another crazy creative outfit. Check out the pics here.

Here are some awesome pictures. Oh yeah, I was the designated photographer for the night, too. Smile with tongue out

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 012

Yup. Me and the Hubby came in a couple’s costume this year. He was Duff Man (from The Simpsons) and I was Duff Girl, the promoter girl to this Springfield Beer Mascot.

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 050

Yeah – Duff Man was very popular. Mostly you get the guys yelling his name, “Duff Man” from across the room.

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 033

Havana’s 2 house DJs – Dean and Domingo were all in costume this year. AWESOME!

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 051

Muahahahaha – We have Dr Evil in the house!

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 116

Our resident zombie killers – Alice (from Resident Evil) and Shaun (of Shaun of the Dead).

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 120

Red body paint galore – Dr Zoidberg (from Futurama) and Hell Boy.

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 178

Another Hell Boy came later in the night.

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 183

So, I got both the Hell Boys to pose together.

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 168

One popular costume for the year (according to Google) is Black Swan. Love the eye makeup, Reggie.

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 462

We have these two lads dressed as the Tin Man and Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. Cute.

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 454

Our couple here was another amazing costume of the night. He was literally a table. Check out the details on the table – the food, the blood, wine glasses, etc. Too bad they came late AFTER the Best Dressed. Or else, they stood a very good chance of winning.

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 193

Me and out emcee for the night – Comedienne BiBi Kepoh. Thanks, woman. You were amazing!

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 054

Our gorgeous diva dancers and impersonators for the night. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks, Chillie, you and the divas were amazing.

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 366

One of the scary performance late in the night. Love the makeup and the show to scare everyone on this Halloween.

It was a mixture of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” coupled with some ghostly howls and screams…

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 371

The shock factor came when our ghost gave birth to 2 burned babies on stage. Eeewww…..

As everyone knows, the club was generous to give away RM 1000 cash for the Best Dressed of the night. Although some were AWESOME-SAUCE costumes and getup, some of the contenders weren’t that great.

Nevertheless, hands down the prize went to one deserving winner…

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 179

And the winner is….. Pinhead from Hell Raiser. Congratulations, Lee!!!

Apparently, majority of the costume was home / hand made and the make up itself took 4 hours of preparation. WHOA….

2011-11-29 Havana Halloween 2011 180

The amazing Sara as Red Riding Hood who helped put the outfit for Pinhead together. Well done, Sara – on your amazing make up skills, 2 years in a row. She was the make up artist behind last year’s Freddy Kruger, too. Check it out here.

For over 100+ more pictures, check out the official album on Facebook here.

[fbalbum url=”https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.256021774448049.78553.101456123237949&type=3″%5D


The party was amazing and lasted til way past closing time at 3am. If I remember correctly, I left at 4.30am. Hungry and mostly extremely tired.

Thank you to everyone who attended and especially Havana for allowing me to host the party at the club for the 2nd year running. I am extremely happy with the outcome and looking forward to doing it again next year.


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