Restaurant Review : Boo Tong Kee Chicken Rice, Singapore

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (2)

If you followed me on Twitter, you would know that I spent a long time in Singapore recently for some work related training.

This included (seemingly) long weekends away from home and roaming the streets of Singapore alone. I made some observations and even got to try some local restaurants.

One day, me and some Malaysian and Singapore colleagues decided to try Singapore’s version of their famous chicken rice – Boo Tong Kee at River Valley.

Boo Tong Kee has several outlets around Singapore, but we went to the River Valley outlet as it was nearest to us. They also serve other food that is equally good in their menu, but we were all up for some good ole chicken rice.

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (3)

Similar to many chicken rice restaurant that you’d see in Malaysia or Singapore, they have the cook in a glass aquarium right up front. With steam and roasted chicken on display, so they lure you in with the delicious looking chicken on display.

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (5)

Mind you… the chicken does look mouth watering on display.

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (7)

The restaurant is just one shop lot in size and has (in my opinion) not enough seating. Although we were early and got our seats, the lunch crowd started pouring in and they had to wait for people like us to finish in order to get their seat.

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (11)2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (14)

The tables are covered in traditional red tablecloth and adorned with their wet wipes, chopsticks in a nice packaging and your usual sauces (dark sweet sauce and chicken rice chilli sauce).

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (12)

They also gave us some boiled peanuts to much before the food came.

The rice is presented in a nice pyramid shape. So cute.

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (17)

As you can see in the picture, it’s not exactly the same type of Ipoh chicken rice type rice. This is cooked in pandan leaves and chicken stock as well, but not as fragrant, oily and sinful as the Ipoh chicken rice we’re used to in Malaysia. Sad smile

Then the rest of the food came…

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (20)

It might not look much in this picture, but the steamed chicken we ordered was actually quite good. It’s nice, juicy and tender. As you know, SIngaporeans get really picky about fatty food and oil, this is good lean meat, without the fatty fats and it is succulent.

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (25)

Of course, we also ordered the roast chicken variety. I’m not a roast chicken fan when it comes to local chicken rice. But this roast chicken was really nice, too.

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (22)

No chicken rice dish is complete without the bean sprouts, right? This one was delicious. The ones in Malaysia were usually rather plain stir fry variety. I reckon they don’t want to over-power the main chicken dish. The one here in Boo Tong Kee has a lot more flavour and other stuff in it, so it’s a good complimenting dish.

We also ordered a bunch of other food as well.

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (21)

This is a very nice spinach, with eggs and century egg dish. Very nice.

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (26)

This is the stewed pork that one of my Malaysian colleagues was craving for, Yeah – the ONLY fatty dish on the table. Of course, only the Malaysian ate this dish. Remember? Singaporeans no like fatty food.

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (27)

This is a very nice tofu dish. For once, I am happy to be around men who actually eats tofu! Haha.

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (29)

As predicted, and as per all Chinese people, we couldn’t finish our food, Yep – we ordered too much. I guess we were stuck having hotel buffet for so long in our training, we got a little too excited and carried away when we got to go out for REAL food. *wink*

2011-07-01 Boo Tong Kee SG Review (30)

Me, I was a happy camper. I (almost) cleaned my plate. Yeah, yeah. There’s leftover rice on my plate. Well, the dishes were too good to waste it all with rice, you know.

I don’t remember how much the bill came up to. But I remember it wasn’t too pricey. Again, this is Singapore – so don’t compare to Malaysian Ringgit la.

If I’m every in Singapore again, I would definitely go here again. Chicken rice reminds me too much of home and the Singaporean version is not half bad. Well done.

Have you been to any of the Boo Tong Kee restaurants? If you have, let me know which branch I should visit next – if the food quality is different. If you haven’t, check out more pictures on their website for new dishes, promotions and more pictures to drool over.


Contact Details:-

Boo Tong Kee Restaurant

Add : 425 River Valley Road, Singapore 248324.
Tel : +65 6736 3213

Operating Hours : Monday – Sunday : 11:00am to 04:00am

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