Sydney’s Celebrity Sighting (Part 4)

2011-04 Sydney Trip 191Being extremely long overdue Part 4 and final post of my trip to Sydney in April, I felt I should dedicate this post to my ONLY celebrity sighting when I was there.

Just a reminder, I had been practicing with my DSLR in this trip, so please do check out the post and pictures on the last post on Sydney sights, ferry trip to Manly and the delicious Sydney Seafood I had.

On the final weekend I was in Sydney, our gracious host (Hubby’s boss) was very nice to share their tickets with us to watch the Horse Race. Yes – dressing up and going  the Derby. Open-mouthed smile

Usually, I am not a fan of horse race at all. I am not a fan of horse riding at all. I feel like the horses, although they enjoy running, I don’t think they enjoy being ridden by human. More so, I certainly don’t think that they enjoy being in a race, purely for the entertainment of us humans.

The tickets offered was an experience. As much as I am not a fan of it, I am NOT a tree hugger and not completely opposed to the event. It is an event and I kept an open mind and was looking forward to attending the “event”.

I was loaned a headpiece (which is just a plain black feather piece) instead of the normal hat piece. It was an awesome experience to get to dress up like this to attend the Derby.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 134After queuing and finally getting into the tracks, we settled into our table with a buffet of delicious food and loads of flowing bottles of wines and champagnes.

Although we really didn’t eat much, we certainly drank a whole lot on that Sunday afternoon.

We roamed around the building a little bit, hanging out in mostly VIP areas (yes, I was very privileged) including the Owners Club Lounge areas. Because I’m not a horse person, I might have even bumped into some important owners of some of the horses there that day, and didn’t know it.

While hanging around, we (me and Hubby) pretended to be interested in the horse race. Looking at the provided booklet that listed all the horses in their respective races, we randomly picked horses to bet on – based on how their name sounds and how many times they’ve been winning lately. We are completely hopeless at reading stats. Needless to say, we lost on all our bets.

At one point, while hanging out at another bar area, we were just chatting and talking and Hubby’s boss stopped talking mid-sentence. Then she pointed and went…, “Isn’t that Ronan Keating?”

We turned our heads, and yes – It was Ronan Keating, standing just feet away from us. He finally settled down on a table with some other non-famous faces, which I reckon are either managers, business associates or some other equally important (read: rich) people.

We contemplated for a long long time, and being the shameless geek that I am, I volunteered to walk over to ask for a picture with him. Hubby refused to hold the camera to snap a picture. He thinks it’s embarrassing.

Although I’m not a fan of Ronan Keating – it took me awhile to remember any of his songs, and an even longer time to recall if he’s done anything significant lately.

Finally, my new friend in the group volunteered to hold the giant DSLR we brought along. Bless her, she didn’t know how to work that thing and the image didn’t turn out perfect. But, what the heck – I’m not a fangirl anyway.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 135

So here’s the awkward picture I have of me and Ronan Keating.

Then she kept on snapping.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 136

Me saying “Thank You” to Ronan Keating. Check out how he’s looking at me. Hehe.

Yes, ladies. He is rather short!!!

Days later, I found out why he was there because he’s one of the judge on Australia’s X Factor.

So, that was it. My one and only celebrity sighting in my last trip to Sydney. Nothing great, really, especially when I’m not a fan of Ronan Keating. Meh!

What was interesting though that the usual Tuesday night’s Social Quiz Night tea decided to use this encounter and turn it into their team name. So, we were then christened team “RFK” – Ronan “Fecking” Keating.

Oh, in case you want to know more about the Derby day, we ended up drinking in another bar…

2011-04 Sydney Trip 138

With the most bottles of champagnes I’ve ever had in my life. It just came flowing…. Some of the boys made some money from some races, so the champers were celebratory.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 1612011-04 Sydney Trip 168

2011-04 Sydney Trip 1722011-04 Sydney Trip 173

We kept on drinking from that afternoon, all the way to way past midnight. Needless to say, we were DRUNK…. and very very happy as you can see from the pictures.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 175

And then of course, I got really hungry. Didn’t even remove that feather thing on my head. Haha.

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