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I’ve been in Singapore for a week now and have another week to go for a work related training session. Having the evenings and weekends to myself, I started to explore the surroundings of my hotel. Checking out bars, restaurants, handouts, etc. Mostly in search for cheaper drinking hole compared to the ridiculous pricing at most high end hotel bars.

It’s a Saturday today and I’m revising some of my training materials, catching up on my news feeds and enjoying a few drinks. Within the hour of 3pm to 7pm here by a waterfront (aka one of the many “Quays” in Singapore), I noticed a few things. As I always do in my many people watching expeditions.

Firstly, the weather is somehow cooler here.

Yes, we share the same geographical location on the equator and we’re only approximately 500km apart. Somehow, the temperature and weather is a lot more pleasant in Singapore, compared to KL.

I’m assuming this has plenty to do with the government’s enforcement on pollution. Right?

Secondly, the point of this article, is how friendly this city is to families. You see parents with kids and babies everywhere!!!

I’m just chilling by a bar and I immediately notice 1 out of 3 adults passing by are with kids. Even on the current bat that I’m in, the same statistical holds true.

If you follow me on Twitter, you’d probably notice my complaining of a crying baby at the next table. While the (expatriate) parents ate trying to enjoy a nice Saturday stroll with a quick note and drinks, the mom interrupted her meal to attend to het crying baby. Ultimately resorting to a public breast feed – with a (not discreet enough) shawl over her chest and the baby.

Singapore is clean. Singapore is anti-smoking. Singapore has military strict rules and taxes. The country thrives on community fear. I was informed by local friends that the recent front page news was of a stolen bicycle!!! WTF???

In a nutshell, Singapore is a super safe country. That is good. But being so rigid that people are afraid to let loose? Come on. Live a little…

ps. I don’t hate kids. I love them between the ages of 3 – 9 years old. The age where they can talk back to you – and they say the darnest things. I just don’t like babies. You know, where they’re at the age where they just cry? Yeah. The most annoying phase EVER!!!

My husband has a funny (and accurate theory) on Singapore. “As soon as you enter the Singapore border from Malaysia, you immediately feel your ass tightening up.” Your ass belongs to the government now, sucka!

I guess this will be a continuous debate and animosity between the Malaysians and Singaporeans. Seriously, it doesn’t take long for a true Malaysian to feel home-sick.

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