Sydney Sights (Part 1)

2011-04 Sydney Trip 006Last April, I was lucky enough to tag along with my husband on his business trip to Sydney. I have been to Australia before (Brisbane) but have not been to Sydney. So, I was very excited.

As with any “tourist” visiting a new city, I was ready with my DSLR and spent the day roaming the city while my husband was at work.

Everyone knows that there are several must-see sights and landmarks to visit when you’re in Sydney. I was set to do all the tourist-y stuff.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

You can’t go to Sydney without visiting the Harbour Bridge. Being adventurous in a new city, I grabbed a (physical) map and started walking from where we stayed in CBD to the harbour.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 020

It was unfortunate for me that I reached only when the sun was setting. Nevertheless, the view was spectacular. Weather was nice and plenty of tourist hanging about, taking pictures. So I felt right at home.

Because of my new found love for street photography, I spotted a few fellow DSLR photographers taking pictures there, too. Some with a much better setup than my Canon 60D.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 036

There was this guy who setup his tripod and his camera hanging around waiting for the right sunset to capture his shot. I didn’t look over his shoulder to see how his pictures turned out, but I bet it must look awesome.

I wanted to come back to the bridge that weekend, when my husband is not working so we can do the Harbour Bridge climb. It was a highly recommended activity. Unfortunately, though – we were otherwise engaged with other social activities. So, we didn’t get to do that.

I’m sure the next time I’m back in Sydney again, I will do the climb!


Sydney Opera House

Since the Harbour Bridge is literally next to the Opera House, I turned around to capture that on my camera, too.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 026

Unfortunately, the sky was turning dark at that time. I didn’t manage to get a clear sky shot of the Opera House.

Nevertheless, I did manage to spot some socialite / rich people types getting out of their expensive cars going into the Opera House. No doubt to catch a show.

Again, there were plenty of folks taking pictures of the Opera House where I was standing.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 041

This guy had his brand new iPad 2 and was taking a panoramic video of the Opera House with his new toy. Normally, I would sneer at the presence of an Apple product within my vicinity, but the guy and his girlfriend was so friendly-looking.

I plucked up my courage to ask him for his permission to take his picture with his iPad 2.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 042

I like this picture much better. I didn’t get to change my DSLR settings and frame the Opera House picture of him as well – without wasting his time. But I like how this picture of him with his iPad2 and the Harbour Bridge on the background turned out.

As the sun was setting very fast and I had a prior dinner engagement with my husband and his colleagues, I had to leave Circular Quay.

The next day, I managed to take the ferry services at Circular Quay to Manly Beach though.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 070

In that ferry trip – I finally managed to get a good clear shot of the Sydney Opera House on a clear daylight. Smile

Do you like my amateur-ish pictures of Sydney sights? I’m happy with them. Felloe photogs – please help a poor newbie out with your advice, tips and tricks?

Stay tuned for the next blog post on my ferry trip to Manly Beach!

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