Christmas 2010

This last Christmas was a lot of fun. Usually, the tradition between me and my husband is to have Christmas Day celebration at our place. Decked with the Christmas tree, lots of gifts and a whole lot of food that usually ends up being taken home by our guests.

Then, in the last couple of years, we started going abroad to celebrate our Christmas and New Years. This year, however, we stayed in town and decided to do our traditional dinner again. Because a lot of our friends were out of town, back home for Christmas, we decided we didn’t want to do it at home. Firstly, it got a little too late to order our gourmet turkey and I am already anticipating the clean up.

We called on our good friend, Paul who owns Havana at Changkat Bukit Bintang (where I had my Halloween Costume Party). They have this nice little nook inside the bar downstairs with a giant round table. The table can comfortably fit 10 people, but we extended it to 12 in our dinner party.

The bar was nicely decorated in a real Christmas tree with the usual ornaments and decorations. Their Christmas menu had the traditional turkey with brussel sprouts and potatoes. Geoff was exhilarated. They even have the traditional minced pies and Christmas pudding.

I put in a little effort to the dinner party. I wanted my guests to feel the coziness of the dinner, even though it was in a restaurant.

Placards in the form of photo frame

The placards for the seating arrangements were photo frames. I included everyone’s pictures and placed it where they were seated for the dinner. I had used mostly Facebook pictures, instead of selecting them from my collection. If the pictures were good enough for them to place and upload on Facebook (some as profile pics), then they must be nice, flattering and acceptable pictures. The guests were happy.

Goodie Bags for all guests

 I took the effort to go buys stuff for the goodie bags. They were separated to different bags and contents, depending on whether the guest was male or female. There were party packs, candy canes, 1 Euro chocolates, bookmarks, etc. For the ladies, I gave the reindeer antler headbands. The guys got Santa hats.

Table setting

Geoff insisted on having Christmas crackers. It was tough to find, I tell ya. Christmas crackers are traditional in an English Christmas dinner. It’s something you crack around dessert time. It’s a paper wrap cylindrical thing where you hold both ends with another guest and pull. It cracks (or pops) and you’ll find a bunch of stuff inside. You’ll probably get a paper hat, a Fortune Cookie type message or joke and a novelty gift.

That’s the gold coloured one I placed on all my guests setting. I couldn’t find them in Marks & Spencers, Christmas decorations stores or even Harrod’s. I finally found them in Cold Storage. They had Barbie and Monopoly version. This gold one was the only non-kiddy ones I can find.

Guests at the dinner party

We took care of food and a few bottles of red and white wine. The guests paid for their own drinks, other than what was served. It was fair.

The stuffings and vege

Our giant 7 kilo turkey

The turkey was huge. Everyone enjoyed it. As anticipated, we couldn’t finish it. A lot of people ended up taking some turkey home. That’s what Christmas is supposed to be about. So much turkey left that you end up eating a lot of them for the next few days. Turkey sandwiches, turkey salad… the carcass was even taken home for turkey porridge.

I did Secret Santa and everyone left with something. At a limit of RM 50, the gifts consists of books, shower gels, jewelry, etc.

Xmas pressie for Oscar

Even Oscar got a Christmas present – thanks to Joe & David.

After dinner, a few more friends joined us and we adjourned upstairs for some dancing to some classic retro music with the house DJ upstairs. As the drinks pours, guests slowly started to drop like flies.

A little tipsy

It was a great night. Great company, great food, great dancing, great drinking.

Overall, an AWESOME Christmas dinner party. Merry Christmas 2010, everyone!!!

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