Angry Birds – are you addicted too?

Here’s a very cute sketch video on a peace agreement meeting between the Angry Birds and Snooty Pigs. If you’re a huge Angry Birds addict like me, you would enjoy this. It was originally done in Hebrew, but due to the viral nature of this video, it was reproduced in English.
Angry Birds was the most popular game on iPhone (it’s now overtaken by Smurf’s Village) but still interestingly downloaded over 1 million times on Android when it came out, and even crashed the GetJar site.
The game is also available in Nokia’s Ovi Store for Symbian phones.
The game has seen several limited edition versions such as the Halloween edition for Apple devices. It got so popular that it got a merchandising arm now and the Angry Birds Plush Toys are available for pre-order on Rovio’s Online Store.
Personally, I think it would be cool to buy all of them. When you get angry in the office, just fling them around the office, make the appropriate sound effects for the coloured birds, followed by cheeky snorting sounds. *evil snort*

UPDATE : The new Angry Birds Christmas edition app is out for all. In the Android Market, it’s called “Angry Birds Seasons”. It’s still FREE, so go search for it now. For iPhone users, you’d get automatic update if you bought the Halloween version before. Say goodbye to your friends now as you’ll be glued to the app for the next month!

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