Busy with my new Canon EOS 60D DSLR camera

After a couple week of absent blog posts here, although I am always active on Twitter (so follow me here), I bought a new toy for myself. After months of deliberation if I should start investing into photography, I bought myself a Canon EOS 60D.

I am a beginner in DSLR and don’t claim to know much about photography. I just like composition and love photo journalism style photography. Images where you capture the moment – mostly candid shots – where you tell a story behind a single picture. It can be portraits, actions, events, nature, well… anything.

Initially, I had my mind set on getting only the 550D. When I got to the shop, I found out that the 60D is out and the package price is only RM300 more than the 550D, so I was sold on getting a higher grade camera. Even as my first DSLR.

The whole package came with the camera body and I picked the 18-200mm lens kit. 18 for the wide angle shots, 200 for the zoom photography. Additionally, in case I don’t want to lug around such a heavy lens all the time, I also got the 50mm pancake lens. The package came with a Canon camera bag (red colour, summore), 4GB SDHC card and a tripod. I already own a tripod, so managed to exchange it for an upgrade to an 8GB SDHC card instead. All for the price of RM 4980. Apparently, much cheaper than the Canon Concept Stores. Yeah – I went to Sg Wang Plaza for this great deal!

I started doing a lot of self teaching through online photographer blogs, photography tutorial sites, watching YouTube tutorial videos and relying on “Mr Google” for my beginner tips and tricks.

Hubby is not a fan of being my amateur photography subject, so I have been taking pictures of whatever else I can get my lens on. This includes mostly dogs…

Junior – my parent’s Jack Russell terrier
Maggie – the gorgeous American Cocker Spaniel
Oscar, my boy. My handsome Mini Schnauzer

Mind you, these pictures are not touched up in any way. Also, I have to note that I am not using “Fully Auto” mode in these pictures. I played around with the Shutter and Aperture settings, lighting, etc. I might not know much and there are loads of trial and error. I have to honestly say, that I am rather proud of myself.

Once I got a little bored with taking pictures of dogs, I wanted to move on to other subjects to play around. Also, subjects that has a bit of patient with me as well. I spend a lot of time pushing buttons, aiming, snapping, buttons again, aiming again, snapping again… Well, patience is highly needed when you pose for a beginner like me.

So, I forced my nephew to pose for me…

He cannot resist making funny faces

I never wanted to do posed portraits. But when you have an overly enthusiastic 5 year old, he started posing and making funny faces in front of the camera. After snapping, he started screaming to look at the pictures. Well, not a great subject for me now. When I get better, I will snap more pictures of him. Not now…

Then, I also attempted to sneak pictures of people who hated to pose for pictures by being creative with my angles.

Julian who hates to have his picture taken

I am quite proud of this one. I believe that I achieved two things here. One : take a picture of someone who refuses to pose. Two : play around with image blurs and creative angles. I took this picture of him off a reflection on a wall mirror. Nice, right?

Then, I graduated to play around with non-moving objects.

Oscar’s toy lying in the middle of the room

  I tried to play around with different effects and background blurs. This camera is amazing, I tell ya.

Collection of my nephew’s Ben 10 toys

I took loads of pictures of these toys, I tell ya. Each snap I sharp focused on one of the toy and blurred the others. Every picture turned out great (to me, anyways) and I played around with the setting  A LOT!!!

Until I get the hang of everything, I still have loads to learn about photography with a DSLR. I also have some very good friends and family who have offered to give me lessons and tips. I am lucky like that. Once work and life is less hectic for me, I will start to take up on those offers on weekends to beef up my skills.

Until then, I won’t even look at expanding my camera gears yet. I think I’m happy with the basics that I have. I just have to learn to take great pictures first.

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or not, tell me – Does my pictures look great? Remember, they were NOT retouched.

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