Longer and fuller eyelashes… seriously

I had wanted to write about this for a long time. The longer I hung on to publishing this post, the more I feel bad for keeping this a secret! * Please note that I am not advertising nor endorsing this for the brand. I just wanted to share this with my girlfriends out there. This is not an advertorial either. *

If you came here after reading about my Eyebrow Embroidery at Bluunis, Sg Wang blogpost, welcome to another post to complement your beautiful eyebrows with beautiful eyelashes! 😉

One day, while I was in the pharmacy in Sg Wang Plaza, I overheard a couple of cashiers talking about a certain brand of mascara. They were saying how unbelievable the results were of this miracle mascara. I interrupted and found out more about what they were talking about and immediately headed to the stand / booth / stall they were referring to.

It’s called Mircoz Mascara Lash Extender.

Mircoz Mascara Lash Extender
(L-R) Black Mascara, Lash Extender Volumising, Lash Extender Lengthening
  • Mircoz Black Mascara (RM 69) – Standard black mascara that is essential to lock in the results. The miraculous creation I bought is in a set of 3 items:-
  • Mircoz Lash Extender Volumising (RM 79) – creates full lashes, containing tiny BLACK fibers of Panthenol
  • Mircoz Lash Extender Lengthening (RM 79)  – creates longer lashes made of tiny WHITE fibers of Panthenol

It is really easy to use, too.

  1. Curl your lashes (if you wish) with an eyelash curler
  2. Apply Black Mascara. You can substitute this with your regular mascara, too.
  3. Apply the Volumising fiber which is Black in colour (bottle and fiber). Apply this only to the root and middle of your lashes. You don’t have to brush it like a mascara wand. Just apply it on your lashes.
  4. Seal it with Black Mascara.
  5. Reapply Volumising and sealing with mascara as many times as you wish, or until you reach your desired fullness.
  6. Apply the Lengthening fiber, which is White in colour (bottle and fiber) to the end of your lashes. Brush it outwards until your desired length.
  7. Seal it with Black Mascara.
  8. Reapply Lengthening and seal with mascara as many times as you wish, or again until you reach your desired length.

Mircoz Black Mascara, Lash Extender Volumising, Lash Extender Lengthening You would be amazed at how full the Volumising fiber makes your lashes. It looks like you’ve put on a very full fake eyelash. And the Lengthening is so super-amazing that it looks like you’re using a very long fake eyelash again.

Because the formulas are actually tiny fibers, it looks and feels like little powders. Because they’re black and white powdery things, you might make a mess of your face when you try it for the first time. After several practice rounds, you will learn to manouver the wand better and not have fibers landing on your face. This, can be quite messy.

If you’re clumsier (like me), you might end up getting some of the fibers in your eyes, too. I have read elsewhere that it’s best not to wear your contact lenses when applying them. It might irritate your eyes, if you’re not skillful yet.

Check out the before and after pictures here that I tried (clumsily) one afternoon or testing.

Before and After Mircoz Mascara Lash Extender
Before and After Mircoz Mascara Lash Extender
Before and After Mircoz Mascara Lash Extender

Please pardon the ugly black circles and eyebags. I could have easily Photoshop them away, but I didn’t want to edit the images as I want to show you the true outcome of the mascara.

Before and After Mircoz Mascara Lash Extender

Since I’ve only applied the mascara and fibers on one eye, you can actually see the difference it made to my eyelashes. See how full and long my eyelashes are. It looks like I am wearing false lashes on one eye. It’s all the miracle of the mascara and fibers.

You can buy the item separately, if you wish. As far as I know, they have a promotional price if you purchase all three of these items together. I also bought their mascara toner and an electric eyelash curler. 😛

Mircoz has a shop in Sg Wang Plaza, KLCC, Midvalley, Gardens and other locations. You can check them out on their website store location here. You can also choose to purchase them online on their e-commerce enabled site here.

Additionally, they also sell other beauty products, which I have not tried. Nor have I the urge to buy them, unless I hear more miraculous results from other people.


Note : When I was doing my research about lash extension solutions, I come across other brands of products with similar solution as these Mircoz Mascara ones. Apparently, they produce the same results and adopt a similar technology. I can’t say if the other brands are any good since I’ve only tried this Mircoz branded one.

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