I’m a DOG person

In case you’re still a bit daft after reading this blog title, I AM A DOG PERSON.

Every dog is cute. Every dog is adorable. Every dog is lovely. If it were up to me, I would adopt every single dog in the world. Pure bred, mongrels, pariah dog, whatever you call them – I love ALL dogs.

I grew up in a household who love dogs. We’ve always had dogs in the house as long as I remember. At its peak, we would have as many of 3 adult dogs and one puppy. Always male dogs. My family loves German Shepherds. We’ve had about 2 or 3 of them in the past.

I love all my family dogs very much. Although I don’t always play with them as much as I like. There were also several weird personalities and “psycho” doggies. Everyone of the family members have fond memories of them all – getting bitten, watching them fight for their territories, watching them suffer and die of old age or injuries, etc. I still cry at the thought of the sad times.

I am a now proud parent to an almost 6 year old salt and pepper Mini Schnauzer. I absolutely adore him.

Oscar – Day One

I got him when he was only 2 month old (after full vaccination, MKA certification and micro-chipping). His birth certificate name is something fancy (he was from a line of pure bred champions) with a common name called “Monday”. His siblings were named after the rest of the week. He reminded me very much of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, with his messy, disheveled hair. So from Day One, he was named Oscar Monday Head.

Oscar is indeed a character. When he was a little puppy, we spent a lot of time house breaking him. It took a lot of trial and error and researching. He whined and howled and gave us too much puppy faces, but his eventual place when we say goodnight is with us in bed.

The little boy thinks he’s human – he sleeps on our pillow sometimes
His favourite time of the day is when we wake up in the morning and give him his morning cuddle

He is certainly a personality. He is a smart and quirky dog:-

  • He knows when he’s made a mistake. He hides under the dining table so we can’t get to him to punish him.
  • He uses his puppy face (he’s got such beautiful eyes) with his ears back when we yell at him. To apologise, he nudges our hands and let out a quiet whine as if to say, “I’m sorry. Don’t be mad.”
  • Since he can’t talk, he does charades with us. When his water bottle is empty, he does a ritual to let us know that we need to refill it. First, he stands in front of the bathroom door. When we open the door, he walks in and sniffs the toilet bowl. Then, when he starts to lick a bit of water, he then leads us to his area. When we get there, he pauses to let us pass first. We get to his water bottle, he walks over and licks the nozzle a few times to show us its empty, as if to say, “See. Water empty.” Such a smart boy.
  • To counter the early months of separation anxiety (when we go to work, etc), we trained him to sit on a sofa when we come home until he calms down before we greet him.
He is a playful boy for sure. Sometimes, being naughty just because. So, we even sent him for some obedience training.
He wasn’t very interested in classes
As you can see, sometimes, he causes me much embarassment and stress in public. *shakes head* So, we also snipped him when he was young. The vet said that post-surgery, his temperament would be different. He would be calmer, less hyper. After a week, if that didn’t happen – then it’s just his personality.
Poor boy in the “Cone of Shame”
He don’t socialise enough sometimes. It’s partly my fault. But he gets distracted way too easily. So he plays with our friends’ pooches and make new friends at the groomers or pet hotels.
Oscar and Kane (Rottweiler), his childhood friend
See him staring down other doggies
With Junior (my parents’ Jack Russell) with their ass-sniffing greeting
I pamper my pooch! Yes, I do. I celebrated his birthday with a doggie party…
Oscar’s 3rd birthday celebration
I only put him in clothes for special occassions…
Oscar’s Chinese New Year KungFu shirt
His birthday clothes
I allow him to be himself around the house…
Sunday chilling in bed with his favourite toy
Watching TV (a bit too closely)
Oscar has a skin condition… that’s diet related. He can only eat certain kinds of protein in his food. The usual lamb, chicken and beef won’t do. He’s on a pheasant and brown rice diet now (which is the only one that seems to work for him) and eats non-meat treats only. We give him cherry tomatoes, carrots and greenies. We laugh with our friends when we joke that Oscar is vegetarian!
He’s made me laugh, made me cry, make me yell, make me confused… almost every emotion in the book. He’s the best stress reliever. A dog is truly a man’s best friend – the unconditional love, loyalty, companionship. Nothing is this pure. We are the CENTER of his universe.
I absolutely adore my little boy. I’m a proud mommy. Oscar is a people pleaser, despite his occasional flaws. He may bark a lot (takes after me and my nagging) but he doesn’t bite. He takes about 5 minutes to get familiar with new people or new surrounding and once he gets his stroke or cuddle, he’s as lovable as possible.
He’s turning 6 years old soon. So, in human years – he should be turning 42 years old. Still living with his parents, no job and “manja” as hell… LOL.
Oscar will live forever…. I know it.

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