Restaurant Review : May Mey Steamboat, Ampang

Occasionally, you get food cravings. Recently, I have been craving (desperately) for Ampang Yong Tau Foo. One time, for dinner, me and 2 girlfriends headed to Hometown Yong Tau Foo at Ampang Point to satisfy that craving. It wasn’t good.

Recently, the craving hit again. This time, the girls managed to convince the guys to come along. After reading Kimberlycun’s blog post about the “FAMOUS” Ampang Yong Tau Foo called Foong Foong near the Ampang Traffic Police Station, I had to go.

After the peak hour traffic, we realise that all 3 Ampang Yong Tau Foo restaurants there are closed for dinner. They only open for breakfast and lunch. I made a mental note to go another day!!!

Considering the craving for deep fried foo-chook and stuff in clear broth, we had the second best option – STEAMBOAT. We remember seeing this steamboat restaurant near one of our usual seafood restaurant, Mei Keng Fatt Seafood Restaurant at Kuala Ampang.

Introducing May Mey Steamboat.

It’s situated in Kuala Ampang. Coming from Flamingo Hotel at the intersection of Jalan Ampang & Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2, head towards Ampang – KL elevated highway. Past the highway turnoff, it’s the next turning on your left. You will see loads of restaurant signages on the main road.

Note: This is not a super extensive review, since we got really hungry by this point…

There were a total of 5 of us (1 don’t like steamboat), so we ordered for 3 pax. We were served the usual assortments and told that we can make exchanges for the items we don’t like.

Here are some pictures of the food served…

Usual assortments of steamboat food

I have to say that the tofu was good. It’s nice and smooth and after boiling, it just slides into your mouth. Absolutely delicious! Although, I know some people hate tofu, I love them and the ones here were good.

Comes with yee mee, but can be exchanged to mee hoon
Extra order of vege and fish fillet
We ended up ordering a bit too much
May Mey Steamboat only has one type of broth. No half broth, half tom yam here. Their broth is nice, served in a big claypot over a single gas stove unit.
Delicious boiling broth, overflowed with food

We also happen to order some other dishes, for the only person in our small group who hates steamboat.

Lemon chicken

The separate dishes came first before the steamboat setup. To be honest, the fried rice and lemon chicken was not bad. But once the steamboat started boiling, that was were all the attention on the table was focused on…

We asked the waitress / owner to go easy on the MSG on the broth. She assured us that there’s only “a little bit” of MSG. She lied! The entire meal was good and we were all hungry. But not long later, I realised that I was getting very dehydrated and thirsty. Getting extra broth soaked in my food didn’t help. Made me more thirsty. The broth was filled with MSG… Maybe that’s why it’s delicious.

The best part of the whole meal was the sambal. The great pan mee style sambal was awesome. I love sambal like this. They make me “almost” want to tapau some home or buy them from the shop owner directly.

Delicious pan mee style sambal

To end a deliciously filling meal and quench my thirst (other than loads of Chinese tea) was a nice cold glass of “Kat chai shuin mui” aka Assam Lime juice. Aahhhhhh….. nice!

Super thirst quencher & food digester

The meal was rather pricey though. We ordered steamboat for 3 pax and the itemised bill showed RM 81, including the exchanged itens, excluding the extras. I don’t know how that is calculated. I was too lazy to be calculative. Meh!

We had a good meal, considering we were starving when we arrived. The steamboat, although not great, was enough for that night. The broth was very MSG laden – so probably not my first choice for steamboat in future. But the sambal was well worth it! *grin*

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