Restaurant Review : 7atenine, Ascott Serviced Apartments

It’s been a long time since I went to 7atenine at Ascott Serviced Apartment opposite KLCC. It used to be a regular Friday after hours bar or Saturday lounge outing. I have eaten there several times but can’t recall how the food or service is.

Recently, the gang decided to have diner and drinks at 7atenine again after a long time.


The restaurant has gone through a refurbishment recently and it looked nice and spruced up (not that it ever looked shabby before).

The entrance is situated right at the right of the Ascott Serviced Apartmenrt’s lobby. You can opt to park your car yourself or hand it over to a valet at the entrance. The entrance to the restaurant is an automatic sliding glass door with nice frosted dots and stripes design. You are greeted by the “door bitch” to check on your reservations (if any) and guide you to your table.
Sliding door at 7atenine

The blue lighting against the all-white furnitures and fittings make the place look nice and futuristic.

The bar downstairs
The beautiful blue lighting against the white bar
The stage / DJ booth

The staff are all dressed in white as well. Everyday. I assume they can dress in their own wardrobe, as long as it’s white. Because most of the time, the wait staff are usually not in identical outfits.

We were seated in our reserved table upstairs for dinner. First thing I spotted was a giant ceiling fan. Check out the blades…

Giant ceiling fan upstairs

Food & Drinks

The menu was handed to us. One for food and the other for drinks. They also have a relatively good wine selection here.

Food and drinks menu
Food menu

Here are some pictures of our appetizers.

Green tea smoked salmon (RM 22.70++)
Hokkaido Scallop (RM 27.70++)
Caesar Salad (RM 24.70++)
7 Mushroom Soup (RM 18.70++)

A long time after our appetizers are done, the main dishes slowly started to appear. Because we were all very very hungry by this point, I didn’t manage to snap too many pictures.

Seafood Linguini
The steak (approx RM 72.70++) the most expensive item on the menu

The portions were small. The steak, being the most expensive item on the main course menu was too small a piece of steak. The quality was mediocre as we’ve had better steak at Dish (as mentioned in my previous review here). We had a sneaking suspicion that the meal portions were smaller if you ordered the set meals – even though the waiter denied it.


Dessert was another round of beautifully decorated, but minimally portioned dish.

Chocolate dumpling

This Chocolate Dumpling dessert is pretty much Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls wrapped in batter and deep fried. For the price we paid (which I forgot to check) is a bit on the pricey side. Obviously.

Flourless chocolate cake

I enjoy flourless dark chocolate. Flourless because it’s not too rich and gooey. Dark chocolate because I personally love dark dark bitter chocolate. This was an OK dish, honestly. I managed to share this with the rest of my friends. It wasn’t too delicious, so I couldn’t finish it.


Being a high end restaurant, the food ranges from RM 20++ to RM 45++ for appetizers and main courses up to RM 95++.

They have an interesting set menu for 3 course dinner (RM 97++) or 4 course dinner (RM 117++) including coffee / tea. That was what most of us at the dinner party ended up ordering. We also had our meal, among the 7 of us, with a couple of bottles of red wines.

Service was extremely slow, even though it wasn’t a busy day for them – the restaurant was probably only 30% full). The food also didn’t come any faster AFTER we told the waiter that everybody is starving and they should speed up the food.
Funnily, the coffee and tea came right after our main courses were cleared, before the dessert were served. There were puzzled looks across the table where we all asked each other if their dessert has arrived. The coffee, although bore the Lavazza mugs, were really not great.


After paying our hugely expensive bill (RM 1400++ for 7 of us including 2 bottles of red wine), we left. There were initial thoughts of adjourning to enjoy the ambiance and some light cocktails downstairs. After the disappointing meal and sub-par service, we decided to just leave.

We used to love 7atenine for their cocktails, awesome light nibbles and cool lounge-y ambiance. We’ve also got a chance to eat at a lot of other restaurants and had more basis of comparison. We were left disappointed this time round. As a consensus, the group said that they would most likely not return for dinner there again.

For what it’s worth, we can get better (food, service, price) elsewhere…

Contact Details:-
Add : Ascott Kuala Lumpur, 9 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +60 (3)  21627789

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