Movie Review : Hot Tub Time Machine

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I heard about this movie, stupidly named “Hot Tub Time Machine” from a fellow movie buff friend of mine. Iain is involved in a weekly movie podcast called McYapandFries. Do check it out here.

He highly recommended this movie to me and my husband to watch. Considering we usually share the same taste for movies (read : sick sense of humour), we promptly downloaded this.

The movie centers around 4 friends (3 of which used to be BFFs currently in their 40s and a 20 year old nephew) who travels to a ski lodge to relive their wilder heydays. They stumble across a… yes, you guessed it… hot tub time machine. (Think “Snakes On A Plane” – no hidden plots here).

They travel back to 1986 as their old selves and is supposed to relive the trip the way they did back then in order to avoid changing the outcome of the future. Yes, again – they referenced the movie, “Butterfly Effect”.

Directed by Steve Pink, who’s worked on projects like High Fidelity, Entourage and the recent Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Hot Tub Time Machine stars John Cusack, Craig Robinson (Daryl in Warehouse from The Office US TV comedy), Rob Corddry (one of those regulars in Will Ferrel movies and stonor movies) and Clark Duke (the chubby specky friend in Kick Ass).

Other appearances includes Crispin Glover (aka Willard), Charlie McDermott (Axl from The Middle TV comedy), Lizzy Caplan (Casey from Party Down TV comedy) and the famous but old and passe Chevy Chase as the hot tub repairman / time travel mastermind.

What’s funny is that IMDB states that this is not a movie that shouldn’t be taken seriously, but is good humour – I couldn’t agree more.

My tweet review still holds true

Since the plot is not really complicated, it was truly highlarious to watch the four of them watch everything around them and freaking out. It’s funny as an 80s child to see the walkman, big hair, shoulder pads, etc come to life. I picture myself travel back in time like that and KNOW that I will have a blast, living the retro years all over again.

Also, imagine how much fun you’ll have to travel back to the 80s knowing what you know about the future? Unfortunately though, not being able to enjoy the luxuries and technology of today like the iPod, cellphone, internet, etc. The movie pokes fun with scenes like this.

Again, I have to agree that you really shouldn’t take this movie too seriously and just enjoy it. I doubt this movie will be out in the cinemas, considering the amount of obscene language yelled throughout the movie a lot of times. Also, I noted that the DVD is already out for this, so it could be one of those “straight to DVD movies”, not any award winning or box-office success here. More of a “cult following” type of movie.

With that, I rate this a cool 3.5 out of 5 for being able to make me “laugh out loud” which a lot of slapstick comedy movies have failed recently. (Yes, I’m talking about you, Will Ferrel).

Check out the IMDB details, cast list and reviews here.

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