Dive Center Review : Berjaya Redang Dive Shop

Check out the Resort Review for Berjaya Redang Resort here.

I have always wanted to give fellow divers a good overview of dive centers. If you’re anything like me, I am particular about dive centers as much as I am about the resort accommodation. There are dive centers that are basic but friendly services, then there are those high end ones where divers literally don’t have to lift a finger. Then, there are the well thought out dive centers where everything is super organised (which I love) where divers’ comfort is high priority.

From our last dive trip to Berjaya Redang, I managed to snap some photos to give you a good overview of the resort’s dive center for those of you who haven’t been there and would like to know what the place is like.

I will keep this light in text since it’s quite picture heavy… Click on after the jump to see all the pics of the dive centre.

The Berjaya Redang Dive Center is operated as a part of the resort. Since I have stayed here before and did dives with them, I was informed by the DM that (with proof from my dive logs), as a recurring diver with them, I get 15% discount off my dives with them. Cool!

The Berjaya Redang Dive Centre is 5 Star PADI certified
The entrance to the dive centre (next to the coffee house and pool)
Giant board showing dive sites around the island (this is not complete)
Briefing board / Divers list
The diver chillout / sitting area
3 plasma TV screens showing pictures taken off dive sites around the island
The dive center counter (where you sign your “Death Waiver” and for Snorkelers registration
A beautiful big, clean air conditioned classroom for PADI dive lessons

I have to point out that their classroom is impressive. I remember doing my PADI certification years ago in a little hut above a hut dive centre in Philippines. This one has white boards and a plasma TV. This is cool! Well, comparatively to when I did my course.

You BCD, regulators, booties, fins & masks are put in a net bag

All you need to maintain here is this net bag. You’re loaned one to include your BCD, regulator. fins and masks. You carry this (or sometimes the dive staff helps) and that’s it. The tank and weight are loaded by them on the boat. You just need to watch over this net bag of gears.

After briefing, we head out to the boat…

Walking toward the boat

I can’t tell you how amazing white the sandy beach is. Contrasted by the light blue ocean water. Imagine the heat from the sun in our tropical country. Just walking along this jetty, you want to just jump into the water immediately.

This is the dive center’s boat

I really like this boat a lot. It’s a big boat. They can take up to (I think) 20 divers in a trip. This doesn’t mean you get one DM to 20 divers. They have enough DMs to take care of 4-6 divers to 1 DM.

Your gear up front with the tanks

Technically, you need to start to setup your gear to your tank. I get lazy sometimes. When I finally make my way to that end of the boat, I realise that the DM and dive center staff has setup my gear for me. All I need to do it to double check and do a quick buddy check.

Hangout table on the front of the boat

I like this the best. Because it’s a big boat, there’s a table and bench at the front of the boat where you sit and  chill. This is also where the divers hang out during surface intervals (you stay out on the boat for 2 morning dives). They break out the instant milo, nescafe and crackers. We chill and chat with the DMs ad get to know other fellow divers on the boat.

I have to admit, half the fun in diving is the community of divers that you meet all around the world. Almost every dive trip we attend, we meet new diver friends.

Big boat, so you do the “Giant Leap” entry into the water (my favourite)
Me waiting for the other divers to get in the water
Redang dive sites houses a lot of nudibranches
Spotted a baramundi cod (Yummy)

I have to point out that the DMs are so friendly here. During surface interval when we chatted, we compared dive sites ad experiences. They’re a fun bunch of guys and kept pointing out delicious seafood underwater. Every sea life that they tell us about, they end it with… “Oooohhh. That one is delicious but very expensive…”

They’re very protective of their island and its marine life too. When we were talking about Sipadan, they got rather offended at times and kept saying, “Whatever you can see in Sipadan, we have it here, too. Just less of them and smaller version.”
Great guys!!!

Some turtles, too (not as much as Sipadan) but good enough
Mostly a lot of underwater photographers doing this…
After the dive is over, the boat heads back to shore – back to the dive centre. Back here, you either take the net bag with you to clean or leave it on the boat for the next afternoon dive. Again, because the staff are ever so helpful – they help you unload, too.
The water tanks for you to wash your gears

As usual, they have clean, tiled tanks for you to wash your gears. This is clean and properly maintained. Divers are disciplined to separate tanks for dive computers, cameras and their dive gears.

The old and new tanks are set aside (by the staff)
Hanger area for you to hang your dive suits and BCD to dry

They keep it indoor for you at the end of the evening. So you just come back the next morning to retrieve your stuff in the shop.

Cool / retro shower area
I like that the pipes for the shower is hidden / camouflaged with the trees. It took me a few seconds to find the tap to turn on the shower. But I think it looks cool.
A view of th beach from the dive centre

After you’ve cleaned up from your dive, you can now sit and relax with this view. You review what you saw on our last dive with your buddies, go through pictures on your camera and chill with a nice cold beer / an ice cream / a tropical cocktail to this view.

In summary – I rate this dive shop a healthy 4 out of 5.

The DM and staff are ever so friendly here. I do like this dive center. Will definitely come back – especially since I get a 15% discount as a recurring diver!!!

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