Unboxing BeBook Neo

In my previous post about hunting for an e-book reader here, I told you about which e-book reader I’ve chosen to be the first of the many more e-readers that I will be buying in future. To add on to my gadget collections. 😛 I’ve decided to get the BeBook Neo.

BeBook is a firm from Netherlands. This cute little e-reader is cute in white and looks very much like the Amazon Kindle. Here are some basic specs:-

  • Size : 121mm X 195mm
  • Thickness : 10.6mm
  • Weight : 298gm (ncl battery)
  • Internal storage : 512MB flash memory
  • Touch screen & WiFi enabled
  • 3.5mm audie headphobe jack, Mini USB (charge & sync), Micro SD expandable slot
I was happy that the online site here accepts my order and ships to Malaysia. It costs USD$ 299 (which is rather costly for a non Top 3 e-reader, apparently) but I have no complains. It fulfills my criteria of the format of e-books supported (it’s open and supports almost all the formats out there) and it doesn’t have silly copyright issues that I have to work around (unlike Kindle and nook).
The most important selling point is that they ship to me and I don’t have to crack, or jailbreak, or root the device for my contents.
At that time when I discovered about this e-reader, they have only started taking pre-orders. As soon as they officially launched the product and start shipping, I placed my orders online.
Only 4 days later, the package arrived my doorsteps.
It came via FedEx and not USPS like most US shipping which takes forever

For those of you who loves to open new packages and love to see unboxing pictures and videos, click on to see my unboxing pictures of my new e-book reader – the BeBook Neo.

Only because I started this blog, I grabbed my camera very quickly to snap pictures of the unboxing of this delicious new package from Netherlands…

Front of the BeBook box
Back of the box with tech specs

 I opened the box immediately to reveal my fist ever e-book reader…

The gorgeous BeBook Neo

The box content is rather simple.

USB Charge and Sync cable
A basic Getting Started Guide

The full User Manual is available for download online. It’s not available in the box. But it only took a few minutes of playing around to figure our the device, navigation, etc. No rocket science.
Thankfully, the device is small enough to fit comfortably in one hand. Reading with this in one hand is doable. It’s light enough. The screen is 6′ wide diagonally with the beautiful e-ink technology that doesn’t strain your eyes when you read. It’s almost like reading a normal book and not like staring into a computer screen (unlike the iPad). That’s the beauty of e-ink and I don’t think this technology will ever die.
The material is sturdy. Not cheap or plasticky at all.
The round directional pad is used to navigate, if you don’t want to use the touchscreen functions.
Here’s the stylus that you would need for the touchscreen. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with your fingers.
(L-R) The volume rocker, USB charge and sync slot, Power button, Headphone jack & Micro SD slot
The WiFi toggle on the left side of the device.
The back serial numbers and stuff.
I like the feeling of the back of the device. It’s sandpaper-y matte aluminium at the back of the device. I guess you can call it non-slip backing. It feels good to the touch and perhaps stops the device from sliding when you place it on the couch, on your lap and also non-slip when you have sweaty palms (like on the beach or something).
I finally held it in my hand and it looked so beautiful. I cannot explain the feeling of holding a new gadget in my hands. If you’re a gadget freak like me, you’d get it.
Generally, the device feels solid. The size and weight is just right and comfortable for one hand usage. I am indeed very excited and happy to have ordered my first every e-book reader – the BeBook Neo.
I will get to the software and usability review in my upcoming posts.

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