Hunting for an e-book reader

If you have read my previous posts here and here on gadgets I’d love to have, you’d know that having an e-book reader was on top of my list. I have been searching high and low and waiting (mostly waiting) for a good e-reader for me to buy.

Unfortunately, because I live in a small country like Malaysia, I don’t have much choices. I’ve finally narrowed down my search to these 5 possible choices:-
  • Amazon Kindle – even with their international device launch, is not sold or supported in Malaysia. Plus, their annoying DRM (copyright) issues have been irking a lot of people out there. Also, how can you not support the most popular epub format?
  • Barnes & Noble nook – not available outside US. Best experience is with a B&N account but is only for US. Limits my content choice significantly.
  • Sony Reader Touch – which according to my many review and research reading, is not sold here in Malaysian Sony Style stores either. I especially like the fact that they come in red. *wink* They also tie in their content with Borders.

  • Hanlin e-reader – this is sold in MPH bookstores here. I’m not entirely sold on the form factor. Also the fact that it’s a Chinese machine.
  • BeBook – a friend brought this to my attention and many reviews I read have been raving about it. Mostly because it’s open source (supports almost all e-book formats out there) and has multiple language support.
Amazon Kindle
Sony Reader Touch
Barnes & Noble nook
Hanlin Reader
Many reviews I read states the same thing about chosing the right e-book reader :

Find the content you want (and the site where you can download / purchase them. Then, get an e-reader that is supported.

Which is true. I will surely preach this to everyone hunting for an e-reader like me. Many e-books out there are academical or reference books or classic literature. These are not the type of books I will likely read on my e-reader. So, this rules out certain e-reader brands. I will most likely be buying fictional books to read when I’m traveling, in a coffee shop or on vacation.
ePub format is the most common format for e-readers out there. Many publishers have been supporting this. You can manage copyright if you want to, or it can be open and free but still in the same format. I am determined that for longevity purposes (I might keep changing my e-reader but I want my book collections to stay the same), I decided on an e-reader that will support this epub format.
There are many other factors that comes to selecting an e-reader. But I thought to myself – “Heck, this will be the first of many”.
So I went to the BeBook site and ordered myself their new BeBook Neo. Their new e-reader that looks cool, the first WiFi compatible in the market (first announced one, to be exact), supports epub and many other formats, ships to Malaysia and many other plus points.
Check out my next upcoming post n my unboxing of the device when it reached here!!!
Note : I was making all these before iPad was announced. Additionally, I am not an Apple fan anyways.

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  1. hello Winnie, thanks for the helpful post. Can you do another updated review on the search for a good ebook reader that includes the latest gadgets (samsung tabs, apple ipad mini etc) please? And how is the bebook neo? are you still using it now? Thank you!


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