BriteSmile Teeth Whitening

It has been a really long time since my last dentist visit. Everyone is supposed to see the dentist every 6 months for their routine scaling and check up. Worst case, if you’re busy, you make it at least once a year. My last dentist visit, if I remember correctly was about 5 years ago.

I have reasonably OK teeth. After braces in high school, I gave up retainers quite quickly (I was too happy to feel teeth brushing against gum without the metal in between) and started staining my teeth with my lifestyle. Excessive coffee drinking, red wine, smoking and irregular pre-bedtime dental routine.

Thankfully because I had a great dentist throughout my braces phases, I don’t have a fear of seeing the dentist. It was occasionally uncomfortable but nothing fearful at all. So, after years of neglect, I decided to sort out my dental issues.

I was looking for a new dentist and heard good things about Pristine Dental in Midvalley Megamall. My husband has been going there for awhile now and forumers seem to like their service. I made my appointments to sort out my teeth and ultimately plan a teeth whitening procedure.

I want white teeth. Don’t everybody? Isn’t it envious to look at all those Hollywood celebrities with their mega-watt bright smile ala Julia Roberts or Tyra Banks? I did some online research and weighed my options.

I could spend a fortune on porcelain veneers that costs RM 1,100 per tooth. But thankfully, my teeth aren’t rotten or destroyed that I need a set of fake covers. To fix an entire front set of 6 upper and 6 lower teeth is a ridiculous fortune to spend on just superstar smile.

Many have complimented on the quick and cheaper way of whitening your teeth with BriteSmile. BriteSmile teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure performed by certified BriteSmile dentist. Read more about it here on their website. Pristine Dental charges RM 1750 for the procedure and without much research, I decided to go for it for the sake of my neglected teeth.

I have spoken to a few friends who have had this procedure done before, so I was well aware (and researched) about what I am getting myself into. After a couple of visits before hand for routine scaling, cleaning, polishing, filling and other preparations, I was booked for my approx 2.5 hour long procedure.

Waiting patiently for my BriteSmile procedure at the dentist

My teeth were yellow-ing and was told to expect between 4 – 6 shades brighter from the dentist. My expectations were not too high, as some forums I read mentioned only about 3 shades lighter difference. I was only expecting less yellow teeth.

My yellow-ish teeth before the procedure

Once I got in the room, the dentist explained the procedure to me. After protecting my gums, lips, face and stuff, they would apply the active ingredient of the whitening gel on my teeth. It will then be exposed to 3 sessions of blue laser light treatment of 20 minutes each.

Brushing my teeth with the provided toothpaste in the BriteSmile kit
A before and after picture will be taken so you can compare the results and effectiveness. A shade chart is used to measure the original colour of your teeth before the procedure.
My teeth was a horrible shade of D4 before we start

The dentist and her assistant proceeded to pry my mouth open with the provided mouth guard. Reminded me of the same mouth guard when I had my braces done. If you’ve not been there, then think of Wallace and Gromit.

My mouth was forced open like Wallace (not Gromit. DUH?!)

They also applied all sorts of guards and protection for the entire region of my mouth so it’s not exposed to the radiation of the light. There were cottons, napkins, gels for my gums, lips and even my face. I leaned back for them to apply all those protection and didn’t get a picture. This made me think that I could be subjecting myself to some harmful radioactive source – which is probably right, but how harmful, I don’t know.

Once the gel is applied and spread carefully and evenly over every single tooth, a scary looking laser light machine was secured towards my mouth to begin the light treatment for the first 20 minutes session.

See all the cream they applied to protect my face from this light source

After each session of 20 minutes, more gel is reapplied onto each teeth and more protective gel over my face and lips. The first session felt like nothing at all. Second session, I started to feel a little sensitivity on certain tooth. The sensitivity is equivalent to a cold ice cream against a sensitive teeth / gum. You know the feeling?

Every now and then, the nurse assistant would use the suction to suck my saliva. The teeth needs to be dry and free from saliva as it could react to the whitening gel and affect its results. I was also told to signal if I felt like saliva was building in my mouth. That just feels weird to me.

Once I informed the dentist of the slight sensitivity I started to feel at the second session, she went easy on the third round of gel application. A fourth session was optional for some patients, depending on the result and sensitivity. Because I was already a little uncomfortable in the second session, we only did 3 rounds.

After completion, some teeth started to feel weird and sensitive. The dentist was nice enough to apply de-sensitizing cream on my teeth for me so I wouldn’t feel too uncomfortable. Then, all the cream on my face was removed, the mouth guard removed and mouth rinsed.

It was time to measure the result. I was given a hand mirror to look at the result. Mind you, I wasn’t expecting much earlier. So what I saw was a big improvement. The teeth shade chart was brought over to measure my teeth colour after the procedure.

Lighting was not perfect in this picture, but I measured at B1. That’s 7 shades lighter!

The dentist was very impressed with my improvement. Personally, I was very happy to have white coloured teeth again. No more yellow yellow, dirty fellow!

Look at how bright my teeth is now!!! I am very happy with the results!

The dentist then proceeded to brief me about care for my teeth in the next 24 hours. I am only allowed clear coloured or white coloured food and drinks. Absolutely nothing that could potentially stain my teeth in the next 24 hours until the sensitivity is gone and the whitening has set.

Do’s and Don’ts after BriteSmile teeth whitening

I read about this and kinda already knew it – NO SMOKING!!! For the amount of money I just spent to make my teeth so white and beautiful, I have already prepared myself for this ahead of time.

So for those of you who already know this from my Facebook status – I have officially quit smoking since then. Yes – after 15 years of excessive heavy smoking, I am now a non-smoker! All for beautiful superstar mega-watt bright smile…

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