Is this really you, Gmail?

I have been a loyal user of Gmail almost since they started years ago. I have no major issues with them. I have had POP access on MS Outlook, IMAP on my smartphone and kept using their web version for as long as I remember, including the new Buzz features, etc.

They seem to filter my Junk and Spam mails quite well, too. And I appreciate them very much for it. I can’t say the same about Hotmail or Yahoo. Which is why I have reduced to using those IDs only for IM.

However, I received this weird mail yesterday, claiming to be from Gmail asking me to update my account information or they would delete my account. Now, an ordinary person would very likely fall for this but being a tech savvy person, I am skeptical to say the least.

Fake Gmail e-mail asking for my private details?

Firstly, the e-mail signature don’t look like something that came from Google.

Secondly, I doubt Google would be asking me for all these private information via e-mail. If there truly is a problem with my account, I believe I would see an error page at login to ask me to reset my password if I want to maintain it.

Thirdly, I remember tonnes of mails and fwd messages out there to not trust such mails caliming to be from your provider. Chances are (for those of you unaware) this is a phishing scam, tricking you to reveal your information to some third party to access your account and info. If it’s really Google, they should direct you to their website. Think about it this way, for a big company like Google, if they really want to update your info, would they do it via e-mail?

Thankfully, I am not dumb or ignorant. I am contacting Google to let them know about this. Heads up to those who’s received similar mails. BE WARNED!

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