Google Search results – “How…”

Many of us use Google Search. Many of us are familiar with Google Search’s assistance. When you type something on the search bar, the system automatically helps you with possible search queries through a drop-down menu with suggestions for you.

There are already many funny screen captures out there. I was searching for something and I was typing “How” and these series of search suggestions crops up.

The sad thing is the top search suggestion is “How to make love” with over 386 million results!!! How clueless are people out there that they have to search online for help on this? If they’re looking on ways to spice things up in bed, then I would imagine that the search should not be “How to make love”, no?

There’s also the bit on “How to kiss”? Who’s searching for these online? No, no. More importantly, what does the millions of results say? Who’s writing about this? Should I be writing a blog entry on my “expert” tips on these topics myself? God, no! I can’t imagine.

While the other search suggestions are rather valid, like “How to download youtube video” or “How to lose weight” or “How to create a website” but “How to hack facebook” with 32.9 million hits? Come on, people What kind of society have we turned into?

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