2010 Chinese New Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year is still on-going. Starting on 14th Feb (same day as Valentine’s Day), it lasts 15 days until end of the month of February.

This is one of the many celebrations that I look forward to. It used to be because of Ang Pows. Now that I am giving away Ang Pows instead, I look forward to it for food and many other ways of meeting my family and friends on this great celebration.

Also, everything is just RED RED RED everywhere. It’s my favourite colour – so what’s not to love about Chiese New Year?

The HEAD’s would like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!!!

How was my celebrations?

The first few days of CNY with family

This year, celebration with the family was great as always. We had our CNY Eve Reunion Dinner followed by family visits on my dad’s side of the family and my mom’s side as well.

The house decorated for CNY
Car washed
Ang Pows and cigarettes ready for the long days
Cam-whoring on the way to grandma’s house

I tweeted that we were lost and had to wait for my uncle’s rescue.
We got lost on our way to my grandmother’s place. I had only been there once last CNY and completely forgot how to get there again. Thankfully, after major panic phone calls, my uncle came out with his car to rescue us and direct us there. Bloody GPS was no use since not one of my relatives knew the name of the apartment or the road’s name.
Later in the night, we went for some much needed alcoholic drinks at Changkat. Shalen (left in pic) came for her first Asia visit from US. I met her years ago in Ohio and it was nice to have her here on our side of the world, since she missed our wedding.
Shalen, me and Lynette @ Twenty One
Melissa’s CNY Yee Sang Dinner
Our dear friend, Melissa came back for her CNY from Singapore and even hosted us to a Yee Sang dinner party amongst the 13 of us.
More cam-whoring in the car ride to Melissa’s CNY dinner

Yee Sang toss at Melissa’s CNY Yee Sang dinner.
Food and service was so-so, but it’s the great company that made the night memorable. Thanks, Melissa for having us.
Some brothy soup that was recommended by the Captain at Regal House, One Bangsar during the dinner. Because there were so many of us, they served us the soup individually and decided to separate the ingredients of the soup so those who wants the can help ourselves.
It wasn’t such a great idea as there were some very unfamiliar food (like chicken feet) that the foreigners / kwai lo’s in the group were feeling a bit icky about.
The brothy soup ingredients separated into a bowl for all to see
The HEAD’s CNY Open House / Gambling Party
Then, 20th Feb (Sat) came when it was time for the HEAD’s to host our annual CNY Open House / Gambling Party. Since we got married in 2008, we want to start a tradition of a CNY Gambling Party of our own. This is our second year as newlyweds hosting this party at our home.
The beers were stocked up in the ice cooler. Tiger Beer, of course – since it’s the year of the Tiger.
Chips & Junk food of all kinds for the after dinner hours hungry gamblers
Booze for cocktails of Lychee Martini & Frozen Strawberry Margarita
Oscar in his CNY kung-fu outfit ready to greet gusts
A kiss of good luck before the guests arrived
I’d like to thank all the guests for making it to our party. I have expressed this many times that night, on Facebook, in SMS and once again on my site here. I won’t post all the friends pictures, as I have on Facebook for them to view. But here are just the highlights.
Food spread ordered & delivered from Wong Ah Wah @ Jalan Alor
The food was from the same place. Wong Ah Wah at Jalan Alor. Also famous for their grilled chicken wings. Also known as “the carpark place at Jalan Alor” to the kwai lo’s. Last year, I drove there to order and “tapau” (read : take away) the food. I was told that they also do delivery.
So after some online checks, I found their phone number and gave it a try. I ordered some standard “tai chow” food like fried rice, sweet and sour pork, etc. True enough, they delivered it to my home in town at the time I specified. The uncle who delivered the food was wondering how I got their number. I told him I got it off the internet (off a food blogger actually), but the Chinese uncle looked lost. So I just said, “Computer”. That didn’t help.
Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed the food and they even had Yee Sang for my guests. So, if you live nearby Jalan Alor, call them up and see if they can deliver to you. They were lifesavers for me for food that day!

Wong Ah Wah (Chicken Wings) at Jalan Alor

Tel : +60 (3) 2144 2463

The Yee Sang toss at our CNY party
One of the main thing that I usually stressed at my invitation was that the point of the celebration at our place was for gambling – not dinner. Dinner was just to feed everyone so they can last the night. Everyone was warned beforehand to come with ca$h.
Gambling during CNY either playing cards or mahjong or whatever is a tradition that will never die. Not that Chinese people are huge gamblers, but it’s just that kind of activity that brings people together to have fun. Especially, since the government took firecrackers out of our celebration. 😦
After dinner, the dining table was cleared off very quickly to make room for the boys to play poker like they did last year. They started with several games of Black Jack first. After losing much money, they switched to Texas Hold’Em Poker.
Starting sober with Black Jack
The girls had our own fun with our “noisy” Black Jack and “In-Between”
When the booze kicked in, even losing money seems fun for Geoff!
Mike was easily the biggest winner that night.
Even Oscar had loads of fun – and performed his party trick in exchange for food
We had guests coming in still at 2am plus. Thanks, Doug and Reggie for still making it to our place. Albeit late but better late than never – especially when you guys had another dinner party that night.
The last guest left at 5am, an hour or two earlier than the year before. I was around the house cleaning as I go so the mess the next morning was not too much of a headache, thankfully.
Thank you once again to everyone – including family and friends who made the 2010 Year of the Tiger a great start! The CNY celebration is almost over – but somehow, I can’t wait for next year to come again. Probably because I lost so much money gambling.
You would think that because I hosted the party, guests would deliberately lose some money to me while gambling to make me feel better? But nope! I lost money, Geoff lost money.
The thing we gained is true friends and family who came to make our celebration a great success!! Thanks, all. See you again when we have our CNY do next year!
So, what did the rest of you do for CNY this year?

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