Prepping for Chinese New Year 2010

Today is the eve of Chinese New Year!!! Most of the Chinese in town have gone home to their respective “kampung” (hometown) to celebrate this auspicious day with their family members. Thankfully for me, my family members are here in KL. This is the one thing I love about CNY – no massive traffic jam heading out of town, the city is quiet with literally no traffic, I don’t have to go to far to see my family and most importantly – I don’t need a celebration like CNY to see my family!!!

One thing I am looking forward to this CNY is the food. I can’t wait to devour the delicious food that my dad cooks up every year for reunion dinner, CNY Day One and Two for the extended family. *drool*

I will also be hosting my own CNY bash for the second year in a row as newlyweds (well, not anymore). Needless to say, there are the traditional spring cleaning (out with the old and bad, in with the new and prosperous – as the Chinese say) and beautifying I need to do in preparation for CNY.

We started work on talking to my reno go-to-guy a couple of weeks ago to rush this CNY job. One of the job was to fix our molded plaster ceiling n the master bathroom. It is all shiny and new now and the husband is very happy.

Just not super excited about the mess the guys left behind.

Boys being boys, Geoff has updated (several times) our AV system, adding more machines, speakers, projectors, cables and such. This left our living room looking horrible for a long time.

BEFORE : Using the cable covers, we lived with a crucifix on our wall for a long long time.
AFTER : We now finally have a presentable AV wall that hides cables, frames the TV properly and hides the ugly projector screen rails nicely.

But poor Oscar was so stressed out in the few days of renovation work (the loud drilling, hacking and hammering, sawing and nail guns, etc), he was mostly hiding between my legs amidst his occasional supervising task. Yes, he is my “Supervisor Doggy”.

“What’s going on with so many men in the house, mommy? What’s with all the dust and loud noises?”

After all the renovation work is completed, Oscar finally got his CNY haircut. I also bought him a little something to wear for CNY.

See the handsome Cheena boy in his kung fu shirt?

Hubby also went ahead with his GIANT purchase this year. He spent a lot of money on a recliner chair. It’s apparently a very famous and comfortable Norwegian chair called Simmons. It was delivered during renovation and I had it still covered in its plastic until all renovation is done to avoid getting dust on his super expensive RM 15k chair.

The expensive chair. I don’t get it!

The spring cleaning is not going too well, I’m afraid. After visit to Ikea, I only managed some cleanup but not all. I’ll get to it.

The dreaded DVD / Book shelf is a hurricane of a mess. I don’t know if I will ever get to it, considering I’ve been meaning to do this since forever.

Decorations are out and ready to be put on display by the time our Open House comes near. I should get it done today and it wouldn’t take too long.

Paintings from Bali were sent to the Framers to get it nicely framed but won’t make it back by CNY. I might be able to get them before my party, but not keeping my hopes too high for that since they’re Chinese and would most likely be closed for business for awhile. *sigh*

Bought a replacement “Apple” and stocked up on green apples scent. Now the house smells so good, I’m hungry all the time – for green apples.

Even printed and sorted the display pictures.

Of course, most importantly, I had to prepare ang pows to give away to the kids and the shameless unmarried adults, too. When I was an adult, I felt a bit embarassed to still be queueing with the kids to collect my ang pow. I got to a point a few years back that I wave off ang pows given to me. I feel bad receiving them, followed by the usual, “Next year no more ah?!”
Now, a year and a half after getting married, the other pain of forking out money to give away is breaking my wallet. *sob*sob* Maybe that’s why people reproduce like rabbits so they can receive some money back?
See how I’m parting with money?
Side note : these are our personalised ang pows that I got printed during our wedding. I have so much in stock that it can last me for a long long time.
The place is now ready for CNY and I’m super excited about all the food I am about to receive… OH! And health and prosperity, too! 😛
PS. Don’t forget to celebrate Valentine’s Day, too OK?

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