My first Blogger / Nuffnang event

As a newbie blogger, I came across Nuffnang, a regional Blog Advertising community. Nuffnang hosts some of the bigger bloggers in the region as well as organise special blogger events for the community. I figured to get myself familiarised with the whole blogging community, I’d attend one of these events.

Being in Marketing and Events in the past does not really make me super enthusiastic about the Astro B.yond Blogger’s Night on 13th Jan ( a weekday). Also, if you noticed that this post is super outdated and unacceptably delayed.

I already have Astro B.yond (the HD version of our satellite station) installed at home and there’s really not much selling or persuasion Astro had to do for an early adopter like myself. I already know that there are only a handful of available channels on HD namely, HBO HD, NatGeo HD, Astro Supersport HD (for the World Cup screening), ESPN HD and History Channel HD (for the hubby).

I was there for the experience of my first blogger’s community outing.

I got there to Modesto’s, Sri Hartamas half an hour later than the invite.

I didn’t know about the jockey service at the entrance and ended up parking my car at the big open air carpark behind the building. It was a poorly lit and poorly maintained car park with potholes that were filled with puddles of water after a minor rain before.

I got out of my car and soaked my brand new Guess wedges. FML.
I signed it at the front door and got my gift bag.
It contained the Press Kit, a 2010 small notebook diray, an Astro pen and an Astro branded water tumbler (which I gave my family later that night).
There was nothing spectacular about the event, but it was interesting to see the supposed 100 invite only bloggers who turned up for the event.
Of course, there are the mandatory signages, branding and decorations from Astro.
After the usual speeches by the big bosses, they screened their first Malaysian HD TVC for Astro B.yond. I remember I was struggling to get a good video capture of the TVC screened on stage. At that time, I felt somewhat privilege to have watched it exclusively.
Unfortunately though for me, they kept screening it so much on Astro the following weeks that I got so sick and tired of watching it and listening to that jingle. The only exciting bit for me still, is to see my friend, Mike as a talent who played the Samurai. Great job, Mike! You look awesome!
The MC kept boasting about the free flow of drinks. There were virgin drinks of fruit punch or soft drinks. WTF?
Then, the buffet line opened and the queue started forming. I only managed some leftovers from the hungry bloggers.
Shortly after, I decided I need a stiff one (hey, I’m no alkie but…) and bought myself a house pouring white. Needless to say, the fruit punch was neglected from then on.
What was great for me was the fact that I bumped into a couple of old friends / ex-colleagues.
Vijay is with Proximity, the agency who created their Facebook game.
Huai Bin (aka SixthSeal), the now famous blogger was with their Media Agency, Mindshare and also there as a VIP blogger / MC for Nuffnang game that night.
It was also interesting for me to see some of the bloggers that I saw on Project Alpha (an online webisode featuring Malaysian bloggers) and some of them whom I subscribe to their blogs.
Audrey (aka fourfeetnine) is a tiny package but equally adorable in person.
Redmummy who commented on my red Canon Ixus. I also mentioned to her that like her, I am a lover of all things red, too.
I didn’t manage to take pictures with all the bloggers, some I recognised, some I don’t. I am not so much of a local celeb chaser nor an avid cam-whorer. Sorry…
All in all, despite the minor bitching here and there (diva like personality explosion here), it was a good first time Nuffnang event to be able to be around a community of bloggers. I don’t know how involved I will be in future events as I’m such a noob blogger and not even a money making one… Hehehehe.
Perhaps, I will keep my eye out for special movie screenings and other freebies when my schedule permits. My objective was to attend a community outing. More than I care about the Astro launch. I attend too much events, I need bigger wow to keep me interested. No disrespect, Astro.

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