New laptop and mouse

After checking out many sites and forums, I finally decided to buy a new replacement for my old pink Acer netbook. I have always loved Acer’s notebooks. Some might disagree with me, but I have always had good experience with the usage, battery, reliability, stability and after sales service.

My first Acer laptop was one of those thin and light called Travel Timeline. I know it’s obsolete now, but ithas an external DVD drive and was small and light enough for my daily business travel use. My second Acer was a netbook. Their first generation netbook. They didn’t have red colour (my favourite colour, if you don’t already know) so I settled for a pink one. I even went online to buy casings and accessories in red to match it. It was an 8.9′ netbook and has served me well when I am on holidays and needed something small and light to check work mails and stuff.

Other laptops I have used for work includes Dell, Toshiba (a piece of shit), Thinkpad (the best business laptop you can ever get) and most recently the HP DV3. I liked the HP’s stability but I grew to hate the bulk since I have not had full sized 15 inches for a long long time.

After much deliberation between the high end netbooks out there, I decided to get something about 11-12 inches and with a more powerful processor. I was looking through a lot of the CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) notebooks that are the hit these days. They are generally thinner and lighter than a notebook but more powerful than a netbook. Perfect for my personal use.

Knowing that I already love Acer and familiar with their after sales service in Highpoint @ Berjaya Times Square, I decided to head out to Low Yat for more surveys. After my initial survey trip, I decided on the Acer Aspire Timeline 1810T.

Click here to go to Acer’s homepage for the full features and specs. Do check out the forum thread on the Acer netbook / CULV here.

 Naturally, I got the RED coloured one.
The salesman at Notebook Shop @ KLCC was nice enough to give me freebies : a free Targus mouse and a Sandisk 4GB thumb drive.
 Here’s the beautiful red coloured notebook. Gorgeous! It came with an Acer sleeve in the box.
Open it up and VOILA!!! Gorgeous new notebook smell. Hmmmmmm…
The one thing that I needed getting used to is the keyboard. Instead of chicklet styled keyboard, this one is flushed.
It has a dual core processor and runs on my favourite new Windows 7 Home Premium. Awesome!
Here’s the basic specs for the notebook.
The notebook lasts up to 8 hours. This is impressive and definitely a notable point. Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention that it’s HD?!
Like any notebooks, webcams are built in and a must! Also, this is an improved version of my old netbook where it handles videos better in low lighting. Good for my Skype use.
It’s a multi-touch track pad. Isn’t that amazing? However, I usually use a mouse but at least I know I ca do multi-touch when I don’t. Technology these days…
The other important question is… where do I place it on my study table when I already have all these computers on it? Oh ya, there’s one empty space there that’s meant for my husband’s work PC. *sigh* Need a bigger study.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

So I broke one of my favourite mouse, the Microsoft mouse with a nano receiver. It’s the best mouse I’ve had and have even managed to convert a few of my friends and family to use that mouse, too. So, I set out back to Low Yat to search for a replacement. It was a no-brainer, I was going to get the same mouse or a newer version of it.

Then, something else caught my eye. Microsoft has this cool futuristic looking Arc mouse. It’s marketed as a mobile mouse, when you need to fold it in for traveling. It looked too cool and it was available in red, so I didn’t need to think. Although it did cost RM 179 but based on my experience with how long lasting the battery power is on my last Microsoft mouse, I had no doubts.

Check out my cool looking Microsoft Arc Mouse. 
… and the tiny USB receiver on my laptop that doesn’t jut out like most receivers out there that looks like a thumb drive
The receiver is stored at the back of the foldable side of the mouse for storage.
It folds in and auto powers off for easy storage and battery saving.

I am all set with my all new red coloured laptop and mouse. They still smell so new.

What laptop are you using right now and what do you love about it?

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