Surfing and Cam-whoring

It’s Saturday night. I should be out with friends, enjoying the weekend. Instead, I only went out for dinner and straight back home to catch up on some online news and started playing around with my camera.

Initially, wanted to record and post a YouTube video. But got stuck on what topic to talk about. Furthermore, I’m nursing a flu that seems to be on and off the last few days.

So, with camera in hand, I started cam-whoring and taking pictures of myself. I noticed I don’t post enough pictures of myself on my blog. I don’t know if this is going to help boost traffic (ahem, dedicated to the male species of my readers) but just to share some pics, nonetheless.

I added an “About Me” page recently to let you guys know a bit more about myself. Also updated some personal profile pictures.

My new profile picture that is not a hundred years old. I was chubby and hated being on camera for awhile. Thought I should have a more recent picture of myself for you guys.
 Here I am promoting my blog for you guys to visit more often… Or subscribe to RSS or e-mail feeds. Or follow me on Twitter.
Since I was already cam-whoring, I also want to share with you my 2 favourite online celebrities:-
Perez Hilton is my one-stop celebrity gossip and he has the best information and the best personality. I heart PEREZ!!!

My internet boyfriend, Philip De Franco is currently ill and I decided to send him this Twitpic of myself wishing him well and telling him how much I love him. He’s my favourite YouTuber and just cracks me up.

Now that I have started to cam-whore (and enjoying it), I will start to snap more pictures of myself instead of food and other people. 😛
Wanna see more???

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