Golden Globes 2010 – Movie wins

This is the second part of my write up on the recent Golden Globes award ceremony over the weekend. Read up on my first part where I congratulate the TV series winners here.

This second part of the blog entry, we talk about movies which won the Globes. Only those that I feel the need to congratulate and highlight.

Up won for Best Movie – Animation. This is another deserving win. For all the children animated movies in the nomination list, I was hoping Up would win, and they did. When they played the music score from the movie, I feel my tears welling.
This is a beautiful story of an old man who is widowed after his wife past away. He was lonely, missed her terribly and hated growing old without her. He remembered a promise he made to her when they were little kids and decided to fulfill their dreams of being an adventurer.
Eventhough this was supposed to be a feel good children’s movie, it was actually quite sad and touching. I can’t believe I almost didn’t watch it. This, I believe is more of an adult animated movie than for kids. Kids would love the cute digs and colours, but the adults would enjoy the story and fall in love with it. Go watch it, if you haven’t already.
Congrats on winning the Globe!

The Hangover

The Hangover won for Best Movie – Comedy. I like this movie, but personally, I thought that there were better movies than this. Nevertheless, I applaud the team on winning the award.

The Hangover is best seen uncensored. If you watched it in the cinemas, you might want to watch it again. The plot is not anything new, I have seen this type of stag night story many times in the past before. I guess what makes this movie special is how they created the ultimate bachelor party disaster movie. It was all fun and games that the boys are all too familiar with. Until the massive hangover hits the next day, which is coincidentally also the wedding day when they need to retrace their steps.

Movie aside, I always believe that Stag and Hen’s do should always be a few days before the wedding. Preferably a week before. This gives everyone time to recover and prepare for the wedding. I know that does not live up to the definition of the last night of single-dom, but it’s less scary and complicated. As you can see from this movie. Right?


Most deserving win of the night goes to Avatar, without a doubt! It is already the Number 2 movie of all time, according to the Box Office (Number 1 being Titanic, also a James Cameron production).

The first win for Avatar for the night is for James Cameron for Best Director. There is no doubt that he deserved it. As I’ve previously blogged about the movie review here, he invented a new filming technology, for God’s sake. If that doesn’t deserve a win, I don’t know what will.
The second win is for Best Movie – Drama. There is absolutely no denying Avatar of this title once again. The other nominees are great films, too. Inglourious Basterds and Up In The Air are both great movies, but Avatar is truly on a class of its own.
Congratulations for such big wins. No one deserves better. Well done, James Cameron! You’ve outdone yourself again. Now sit back and watch more awards come your way.
I quoted Arnie on my Twitter and I’d like to quote him again on how amazing Avatar is:

According to the Box Office, if you haven’t seen Avatar, you’re the only person who haven’t.

Now we’ll wait for Avatar 2???

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