Golden Globes 2010 – TV wins

If there’s not enough coverage or talks about the Golden Globes Award lately, here’s some more…

Some of who who followed my Twitter feeds noticed that, although delayed from the live telecast (I only managed to watch the primetime telecast of the award ceremony on StarWorld), I tweeted about some wins that I was excited about. Here, I want to do the same to introduce you to some great shows and also to (indirectly) congratulate them on their win.

30 Rock
Alec Baldwin won for his portrayal of Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock. I have been watching this show since the very beginning. I love Tina Fey and her awkward character on the show, which I highly suspect is her in real life, too. Since the role was written semi-autobiographically.
But Alec Baldwin as Jackie D is epic! His lines are again amazingly written by the writer but only deserves an award because he brought his own acting skills and personality to give life to this character that we all love. Well done!!!
I love this show and their amazing lines so much that I actually have their theme song on my phone as one of my contact group’s ringtone. No joke!
My favourite Liz Lemon line… I also have a secret thought that I am a closeted Liz Lemon. *wink*


Glee won Best TV series in Comedy. I think they deserved the win. Glee is scheduled to start their first episode on Astro’s Star World (Channel 711) this Wednesday right after American Idol. Me, on the other hand, have already downloaded and watched the entire season and agree with the Americans on what a great show this is.

One of the reasons why this show appealed to so many viewers is the fact that it’s a “YAY for the Underdogs”. Being a loser in school who had a passion for singing and dancing and performing (like the many AI hopefuls at the auditions) is certainly relatable to many Americans. Having a spot just after American Idol last year when they first aired their pilot grabbed just these audience’s heart.

I loved some of the characters on the show. I don’t know their real names, but when you watch it this Wednesday, look out for Jane Lynch playing Sue Sylvester, the high school cheerleading coach. She is almost the same character she played on Role Models. Her witty comments are owed to the amazing writters of the show, but her witty antics and personality is pure genius! One of those Ari Gold type role that you just love to hate.

Winning the Globes was a true recognition of the work of the cast and crew. Songs performed on the show is downloadable on iTunes and have been hitting Number 1 on the charts. Their viewers rating are high as can be. This is one of those shows that you would enjoy if you love entertainment and the fascination of musicals like I do.

On their first pilot episode, at the end of the show, the Glee clubbers sang, “Don’t Stop Believing” and that intro music gave me goose bumps. It’s like watching a weekly musical on TV. I love it!

yay. on Twitpic
Handsome Cory Monteith (who plays Finn, the school jock) Twitpic on winning the Globe.


Dexter won two Globes, one for Michael C Hall for his amazing portrayal as American’s favourite serial killer, Dexter Morgan; and another for John Lithgow for his eerie role as the Trinity Killer on the latest season.

I have been talking about Dexter to a lot of my friends here. This show is not shown on Malaysian TV or Astro, which is probably why many Malaysian have not heard about it. Like many Showtime programs, they are rather controversial for regular TV.

Dexter is based on a book series of a Miami Metro Blood Splatter Analyst (CSI lab technicial type) who’s a regular Joe who’s everybody’s friend by day and a serial killer who only kills bad guys at night. Because of his profession and his adoptive dad’s (who’s also an ex-cop) mentoring, he perfected his art of killing as he grow up. Watch the show and you’ll be surprised why you’re loving a serial killer and rooting for him! Very deserving of his Golden Globe win.

The show has currently just ended it’s 4th Season, which featured John Lithgow as Dexter’s opponent, the Trinity Killer. John Lithgow is an amazing actor who can play any parts, be it comedic or chillingly intimidating. His role in this season’s Dexter is truly deserving of his Golden Globes award.

Chances are slim that Dexter will be shown on Malaysian TV, considering the gruesome killing and the very dark humour the show brings. Furthermore, Dexter’s sister, Debra Morgan (who’s his real life wife) has the foulest mouth on TV today (yes, worst that Ari Gold – another Ari comparison) that is amazing to watch and laugh your heads off. It’s not on the 4th season run an no signs of it coming on TV at all. So, no luck guys!

Dexter series are available on download, of course (if you’re a Bittorent lover like me) or you can always head to the stores and purchase the DVD box sets. A definite much watch – you will not regret it.

I love the theme song to the movie. When they played it when John Lithgow and Michael C Hall walked up to accept their awards, I just wriggle in my seat with excitement and chill. I love Dexter!

PS. If you’re wondering why Michael C Hall is wearing that beanie with his tux at the award acceptance, it is because he is currently being treated for Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of cancer. It is in the early stages and the disease is in remission, so it’s treatable and curable. Read the report here. I wish him well. Stay strong, Michael and congratulations on your win!

These are the 3 TV series wins that I’m so happy, I made a teeny bunny hop in my seat when they won. So very well deserved. If you’re not already watching these shows, you’d better get on to find out what all the hype is about.

As I was watching the award ceremony, I wondered to myself about other possible categories that they can add. I know that this is not the Emmy’s and not an award show entirely attributed to TV. Even the Emmy’s have added a Best Host – Reality Show category and I wonder if they would consider adding a new category for Best Host – Documentary series.

If it were me, I would nominate the folks at Mythbusters and of course, Bear Grylls for Man Vs Wild. Or do they already have this category?

Stay tuned for my next installment on the Golden Globes ceremony, this time covering the Movies that won!

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