Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010 (Post #100)

I know it’s a bit delayed and everyone is now back to work / school in this new decade of 2010. I am also glad that this post welcoming the new year coincided with my Blog Post #100. Woo-hoo!!!

How was your NYE Celebration? Mine was a blast!!!

I am reminded again about how great it is to be able to spend this celebration in KL. As per my Christmas Eve post and Christmas Day post, we’ve been out of town for these holidays in the last 3 years. I remembered one of the few memorable celebrations I had years ago with just a few friends at a bar with booze flowing. No major clubbing, loud music, bar hopping or house parties – just great company and lots of drunken catch up sessions.

This year, we went to Pinchos Tapas @ Changkat with some friends over a table of about 12 people. 2 Jaegermeisters and 4 white wine bottles later, the mood was awesome.

The girls started cam-whoring for abit…

Me and one of my BFF, Jane

Me and Joanne making funny faces. The drinks are getting up our heads

Reggie and Jane had a go at their funny faces
Joanne and Jane tried their sexy poses

The boys seemed quite quiet at their end of the table. I only found out later that they went through 2 bottles of Jegermeisters that night. No wonder they all look so happy.

Me and Niall’s funny faces worked, but I have no idea what Geoff is doing
Drink, drink, drink
The crowd started gathering on the streets of Changkat.
I was told that somewhere around 10pm-ish, the roads were so jammed up that they had blocked the road. Of course, with all the booze flowing and great company, I had no inkling of what’s happening. I probably guessed that Bukit Bintang would be blocked for some celebrations, but I could be wrong.
Me and Geoff managed to capture a semi-sober shot before he got pissed
The fireworks came at around midnight, after we made our own countdown and toasts around the table. I wish I managed to get a better shot, but everyone started standing out on the streets and this was the best video I managed to capture. Also bear in mind that I was already rather drunk and trying to keep a steady hand.
We adjourned to Social after this. Geoff had his buddies around and was having a blast. Of course, the Jaeger started getting to his head and he started dancing at Social around the pool table. Sorry, guys but I was being a good wife to let my husband enjoy himself and totally forgot to take a video or picture of him dancing. It seems, Reggie was quite drunketty-drunk herself to take any pictures.
It was overall a really fun celebration. Great company and great night overall. Something I will continue to remember. My kinda celebration, getting old oredi for big parties. 😦
Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010!
PS. Tell me how your celebration went? Where did you spend it and did you have fun?
PPS. What is the most significant thing / event that happened to you in 2009? I asked this question around the table that night and got interesting replies. I might vlog about this. Mine was the fact that I started blogging / vlogging.

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