Christmas Eve 2009 at Mike & Elayn’s

In the last 3 years, me and Geoff have been celebrating our Christmas and New Year’s overseas. We were on Boracay, Phillippines for a wedding in 2006, Bali in 2007, London and Paris in 2008. This year, we decided to save some money and have a local celebration back in our beautiful town of KL.

Christmas Eve was also a birthday of one of my dear friend, Elayn. We attended a dinner party of 12 to celebrate her birthday and also enjoyed an intimate dinner courtesy of Master Chef, Michael. *wink*

Wine, champagne and booze was a plenty for the small group of guests.

Dinner table was set for the intimate group of 12 of us.
It wasn’t a candlelight dinner, but the deco sets the mood for the night.
The guests all chilling before dinner. Chatting and catching up with each other.

Mike and Elayn surprised us all with an appetiser of meats… Salad was served of course, but we also had roast duck and a generous helping of roast pork (aka “Siew Yoke”) for starters. This Christmas, I believe “Siew Yoke” has been the centre of every dinner we had.

The delicious, mouth watering roast duck.

Main course was awesome. There roast beef (yes, we had literally every meat imaginable) was cooked to perfection.

Roast beef with the Yorkshire Pudding that Mike had tested (and failed 5 times prior) before finally succeeding with these perfect masterpiece.
The favourite of the white man’s meal – potatoes. Although not a fan of potatoes myself (I’m more of a traditional Asian rice person), the potatoes were tasty.
Lots of essential veggies for a traditional Christmas meal.

Didn’t manage to snap any pictures of the store-bought dessert after dinner. But of course, to complete the collection of delicious food, the cheese platter was finally presented. Geoff attacked it immediately, but not before giving me several kisses beforehand.

I dislike cheese and got my rounds of kisses before his mouth tasted of smelly cheese.

Just a little before midnight, we sang Elayn her birthday song while she blew off the candles to a slice of cake and started with her presents. Happy birthday again, Elayn. Hope you had a great night and thank you so much for having us.

Birthday girl with her presents.

Not long after that it was toasting around the table and it’s past midnight and officially Christmas!!!

Some guests left early while me, Geoff and Richard stayed behind for some drunken game of Charades. No pictures again but we laughed so hard and enjoyed the company in the early mornings of Christmas.

The night didn’t end before Geoff got his Christmas gift from his “lover”.

See the grinning man who gets more excited about his “bromance” gift than anything I can ever give him. *sigh*

It was a wonderful celebration indeed and we’re glad we chose to spend it at home in KL this year. Merry Christmas everyone!

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