Unusual growth of safety helmets on trees and streetlights

Due to the many construction sites surrounding my condo lately, I have spotted the unusual growths in surrounding areas of safety helmets. Just when you think that these safety gear would be properly secured inside the construction site or taken home by the respective workers, you are sorely wrong!!!

Safety helmets are now growing wildly on trees. These “fruits” ranges from all sorts of colours like yellow, red, blue, grey and some very rare and dandy pink ones as well. Funnily enough, they do not grow on the branches or the leaves of the tree, they seem to spurt only at the beginning of the branches. As you can see, the blue one on the ground is ripe and has fallen off to the ground, ready to be savoured.

If safety helmets growing on trees is not weird enough for you, check out these different species of safety helmet that seems to be growing off from the ground. These parasites seems to be finding it’s home on man-made structures. Here it’s pictured to be growing wild off a streetlamp.

It is easier to distinguish the parasites from the natural ones that’s on trees. Parasites on man-made structures are only those in yellow and red. So, beware of these species.

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