My 31st Birthday

It’s exactly a week since my 31st birthday and I only got around to posting the pictures of the celebration now to Facebook and now to blog about it here. It’s kinda hard especially when your birthday is so close to the holiday seasons and so many things are happening.

Nevertheless, I ALWAYS celebrate my birthday separately from the festivities, regardless. I DO NOT LIKE COMBINED CELEBRATIONS. If I did that, I would get only one gift for both my birthday and Christmas. That is no fun (for me) *wink* Also, I want to be acknowledge my birthday now while it’s still fun. Maybe when I turn 50 or something and I don’t want to reminded of how old I am or how little friends I have, then I might just combine the celebration.

But until then, I have (not a lot) but very good friends to celebrate them with. Without making it a big deal (I mean you, Geoff), I don’t believe the quantity of friends is important at this age in life – it is about the quality of your friends that are important. Those who still stand by you and be there for you in good times and bad.

And with that, I want to start off thanking you folks who turned up for my 31st birthday celebration. It’s not a significant age and I only want to keep it small with my good dear friends. So, thank you Niall, Mike, Elayn, Joe, Lynette, Ian, Chris Chan and friend, Paul Rogers and of course, my beloved husband, Geoff.

I had a small sit down dinner at Dave’s at One Utama. I previously blogged about my review on the restaurant here. Because I love the place so much, I managed to convince my KL friends to come all the way to Bandar Utama for this dinner. For those friends in PJ area, they can’t be happier that I finally came back to this side of town.

The food is always great…

The mushy but delicious mushroom bruschetta. Not the same bacon filled bruschetta that I loved off the old menu, but still equally yummy.
The boy’s favourite cheese filled nachos. This was polished off rather quickly.
The star dish for the night. Dave’s famous Roasted Pork aka “Siew Yoke” which was clearly everyone’s favourite, but still (apparently) not quite as good as Uncle Ho’s. It was so good but heart stopping that some of the boys didn’t finish them.
Joe and Elayn shared the ribs, but couldn’t finish it off. It seems they didn’t quite like it as much as the “Siew Yoke” dish
I was greedy and ordered two mains. One was the classic Seafood Aglio Olio spaghetti which I ate without taking a picture first. This was my second dish of the day’s special – Baramundi (which was not very nice… a bit fishy, I think).

Then, I got to unveil some of the gifts I got from the dinner guests.

I have pointed out to Geoff what to get me for my birthday earlier. It was an expensive Mont Blanc pen, costing over RM 3000 and I couldn’t get myself to buy it for myself. So I made him buy it for my birthday. *wink*

The boys were making fun of the fact that the pen was so expensive, that it should make your handwriting look better. Regardless of the other jokes that were passed around the table that night, I still think it’s a lovely and classic gift. I may also be getting old, but this is a beautiful pen. I’ve wanted a roller pen to add on to my Mont Blanc collection. I love it…
Mike wrote on a blank card with the new pen… Yeah yeah, very funny!!!
I got some other really great gifts all around. Nothing tech this year. I guess I bought all the tech stuff myself already and I can’t really think of anything tech I needed.

Ruairi and Shirley passed me this gift before they left to Ireland for Christmas. I guess they knew that Geoff was buying me a Mont Blanc pen, so they got me this beautiful pen holder from Mont Blanc to house my new pen. Thanks guys…
Niall got me another one of my indulgence – a dessert wine (I love ice wines) and a fine dark chocolate. i love dark chocolates and it seems this box he got me were really expensive ones. I still haven’t tried it, but thank you Niall for the lovely gift.
Mike and Elayn got me Carrie shoes. Elayn remembered that I loved these shoes from SATC. Remember the scene where Carrie had to remove her shoes for a house party and it got stolen? Although these are not Manolo’s but it’s still Aldo and looks exactly like the pair.. I love it. Thanks, Mike and Elayn.
Once I started on the cocktails at dinner, they brought out my first cake for the night. A tiramisu cake that I shared around the table. I’m not a dessert fan, but the cake is a necessity for birthdays, no?

We adjourned to G6 at Gardens Midvalley after that. It’s a new club at the roof of Gardens Residence. It’s only a few days after their soft launch and was another establishment of Bob Wong and Modesto’s. We were promised we’ll be treated like VIPs and was given the best seat in the house at the club. The rest of the gang was supposed to join us for drinks there. I wanted a cocktail lounge-y night – we’re all too old for hard partying these days.

We got there and was unfortunately quite disappointed by the place. Understand that it’s only the soft launch (the Grand Opening is on Christmas Eve) but the crowd was rather disappointing. It was mostly Chinese (not that I’m racist because I AM CHINESE) but I prefer a more mixed crowd. The music was very much remix of Top 40s pop songs and the club is definitely a club, not lounge-y like Moddy promised. 😦

Nevertheless, we got good tables and started with the bottles as the other guests start arriving.

My second cake of the night from the management of the club. Thanks Moddy and Bob.
Booze started flowing with Macallan Whiskey for the boys and a bottle of Vodka for the girls.
I started snapping pictures with all the guests. Here’s one with my “favourite” friend, Niall. We have a love-hate relationship going on. Amidst all those banters we have, you know I love you, Niall.
Everything can not be possible and as beautiful if not for my loving husband. The love of my life, the only one who cares about me so much to get upset with people who didn’t turn up that night. I was totally fine with the non-attendance, but he kicked up a fuss!!! I love you, baby.

Since the club was quite disappointing, the boys started wandering around socializing with Bob and discovered the VIP room. We all adjourned to the much quieter room at the back of the club which was very much hidden from the main dance area. It was nice and lounge-y, exactly where we should be and not out front where it was impossible to start a conversation.

We enjoyed the rest of the night at the VIP room with Bob. As we’re chilling around the VIP room, the boys discovered the projector screen and karaoke equipment. So, boys being boys – forced Bob to get the staff to setup the new system for us. It took 4 guys and a good 15 minutes or so checking on cables and setting up the system for the first use but finally we got it up and running.

We spent the rest of our night in the quiet and secluded VIP room (Geoff is happy we don’t need to be among the common people) and sang our hearts out.

The boys posing for their shot in between choruses. They literally “yelled” their songs. You can always see the girls cringing when they start singing… errr… I mean yelling.

Overall, I am happy to have great and close friends there that night. Some of the friends I wish were there couldn’t make it but gave me a heads up. I appreciate all who turned up, though. I appreciate these quality friends that I have in my life and thank you from the bottomest of my heart.

I love you guys eventhough you’re celebrating me getting old and grumpy and possibly less interesting. Thanks, guys!

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