Restaurant Review : Dish @ Dua Residency

Me and some friends who lived in town came to know about Dish. It’s situated on the ground floor of Dua Annexe at Dua Residency on Jalan Tun Razak. This is the condominium next to Singapore Embassy and opposite the American Embassy. Upstairs is the infamous chain of Delicious restaurant. Dish shares the ground floor with Delicious Ingredients, the high-end gourmet Supermarket.

Firstly, my apologies for not being able to take nicer (or clearer) images of the restaurant, their menu or the food. Once the food started arriving, controlling my drooling tongue was a difficult enough task to manage!

I don’t believe that Dish is marketed as a fine dining restaurant, as the setting certainly did not seem so. It’s just a proper food restaurant with good fine food. Prices for the appetizers can go from RM 30 – RM 100, depending on what you order. The main course range from RM 35 – RM 200, again depending on what you order.

Of course, being a very nice “date” restaurant, you’d probably want to crack open a bottle of wine to enjoy with your date for the evening. Dish certainly has a good selection of wines for whatever you fancy.

Considering the main courses sounds too good to the tongue and stomach, majority of my dining party has decided to skip entrees and head straight for the succulent main courses. Dish prides itself in their amazing selection of steaks. All variety of cuts, choices of grain-fed or grass-fed beef, choices of sauce and most importantly, a perfectly cooked choice of done-ness. Unlike the crappy places like Jake’s, Dish ensures that your steak is cooked properly and good fine beef is selected. Yes, even way….. better than Nero Tekka.

Steaks are charged by the gram, ranging from RM 20 – RM 50 per gram, depending on the grade of your beef, cut, etc. The portions here are again super generous. There is little chance of you finishing a whole steak on your own. This is not a challenge, mind you. The smallest grammage we were presented for a single person is 300gm. Yes, of pure meat and no bones. So best suggestion is to go for a 600gm odd and share it with your special someone.

Here’s smart Mike who decided to share his 600+gm of steak with Geoff.
Here’s the not-so-smart Ruairi who decided he can finish a whole 300gm+ steak on his own.
The steaks are cooked to perfection depending on your desired done-ness. This is medium and it’s perfectly pink on the inside. Absolutely drool worthy.
Of course, no meal is perfect without some green side dishes. You can select potatoes mashed, fried or any other way you enjoy. But the classic rocket salad and peas were the choice of the evening.

Steaks are not the only main course they have on their menu, eventhough they are definitely the highlight of the menu. There are great selection of other meats, seafood and pasta dishes for your palate.

7 hours slow cooked lamb shank with pasta

My classic favourite – Spaghetti Vongole (with a very generous helping of clams). Yummy!!!

Their dessert selection, although limited, are very yummy, too. I forgot to snap pictures of dessert. Sorry. However, the staff were very generous that they gave us complimentary Chocolate Truffles after our meals. I suppose after the huge amount of food we ordered, this is the least they can comp!

Delicious Chocolate Truffles with some spongy yellow dessert (which was equally good).

The food was great, steaks especially good and the wine selection aplenty. However, there are very limited tables in the restaurant, so table reservations are highly recommended.

After dinner, we ventured over to check out the rest of the groceries area (Delicious Ingredients) that takes up the other half of the ground floor area.

The wide variety of groceries item for you to attempt to recreate the dishes at home
The gourmet coffee makers, Illy coffee spread

Their cold cuts and butcher area. Some of these high end meat are super pricey, but good meat.
Imported oysters for those who enjoys them fresh from OZ.
Just before you head back out to your car, they tempt you with a selection of fine chocolates and marshmallows.

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