HTC HD2 – the new WinMo beauty!!!

On 19th November 2009 (Thursday), HTC launched the much anticipated HTC HD2 in Malaysia. Hosted by my good friend, Joanne Kam – the phone (and the event) is all about being big! Deservingly so, the phone has a massive 4.3 inch screen and the brownie points don’t just stop there.

This is the first device manufacturer in the market to launch a mobile device with a 1GHz Snapdragon processor. The fastest piece of processor hardware in the market today. After much speculation, early first look reviews and much anticipation, on 24th Nov (the following Tuesday), the phone has hit the shelves!!! Thanks to the folks at Forum for being so on the ball on this announcement.

Being a gadget freak and impossibly impatient person that I am – I dashed over to LowYat to immediately get my hands on experience with the phone. I was initially torn between this beautiful HD2 or the HTC Hero (Android). I guess by now, you would’ve guessed that I went for the HTC HD2. Duh!

For those of you who don’t know much about the phone, check out the full specifications on HTC’s website here, or check out their Product Overview video on YouTube here.

If you haven’t already heard enough hype about this phone or read enough review about it, I have consolidated a good list of trusted reviews on this phone by the bog boys! Check them out here:-

Just in case these written reviews are not enough for you, you can sit back and watch some great YouTube video reviews on the phone (my favourite is from MobileBurn Part 1 and Part 2). There are also some good reviews there on specific features review.

Let me quickly summarize the phone for you, if you’re not into clicking all those links I provided above:-


  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor (fastest in the market today). Navigation and browsing is a dream!
  • Massive 4.3 inch screen (compared to only 3.8 inches on its predecessor, the HTC HD)
  • First Windows Mobile capacitive multi-touch screen. You know, the “pinch and zoom” thing that the iPhone people are raving about?!
  • Slim (0.43 inches) compared to 0.48 inches on iPhone
  • First Windows Mobile from HTC to incorporate Sense UI (previously only seen on Android devices). HTC did an excellent job at hiding WinMo and building their own interface that you don’t even see Windows anymore, you see HTC OS.
  • Great quality built with minimal hardware buttons (the back plate is metal and the device feels solid in hand)


  • Massive screen (some people might not get used to its size, eventhough its slim)
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 (heaven of a hardware, but buggy Windows Mobile 6.5)

In summary, most reviews agree that this device is no doubt a dream consolidation of hardware. You can’t help but drool over the specs. The only problem is that it’s running on Windows Mobile.

To quote Engadget

While there are many cases on the phone where Sense corrects issues that Microsoft’s mobile operating system has right now, there are also many places where plain-jane Windows Mobile rears its head — and that thing ain’t pretty.

… and then going on to summarise…

– this is easily the best WinMo device ever made, with world-beating hardware and a spec sheet that’d make any geek drool.

Needless to say, after reading every most of the reviews I can find from the trusted big boys, I only needed to play around with the phone and feel it for myself. Of course, there are reported errors and faults with the European devices that was out before Malaysia. The guys at LowYat forum was nice enough to list them here.

I did my due diligence and tested it all and reported back to the forumers. Thankfully, we got a different ROM version that those in Europe. HTC who initially thought the biggest camera issue was a hardware problem has now reported that it’s software related and can be fixed with the next update. The other errors / faults were minimal and most new owners will hope to get it rectified in the next update, too.

The phone cost me RM 2899 and the package came with an 8GB Micro SD card, original leather slip case and 2 years SIS Malaysia (official HTC distributor in Malaysia) warranty. I am quite happy to report that I am one of the first few owners in Malaysia – buying my device the day it hit the stores.

Nevertheless, I am afraid to let you know how long I will continue using this phone. I love it right now. Obviously, or I wouldn’t have bought it. But I am still watching the sites and blogs about the latest Android development. If HTC is to release another killer Android flagship phone next, I might just switch.

Until then, I am loving my tablet phone!!!

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