Movie Review – 2012

Since we saw the trailer months ago, we’ve been meaning to watch it. Another disaster movie. All I knew about the movie was that it was supposedly about the prophecy of the end of the world in the year 2012. Another big budget Hollywood movie on Nostradamus’ prediction that the world will come to an end in 2012.
Considering I haven’t had a family outing to watch a movie in awhile now, I purchased the tickets online and got my entire family and Geoff and Niall to go watch it in Midvalley.

The only other thing I know is that John Cusack was in it. Other than that, I know little about the plot. I can imagine that it would have something to do with how the world would come to an end.

I read somewhere before that the end of the world would probably entail some flood. Something about the sun dying and causing a butterfly effect on our weather here on Earth. Everytime I see the news about tsunami, flash floods, volcano eruptions, global warning, etc, I think about what I read about the sun dying and causing erratic weather behaviour. I am not a huge skeptic to ancient predictions. You never know, really.

The movie 2012 was supposedly 2 hours and 45 minutes long. So I blocked off the Saturday night to enjoy some high budget special effects.

The story circles around a geologist who have been working with other scientists in India to discover the abnormality in the sun on the recent years. They discovered that the sun’s flares has caused some displacement in our magnetic alignments of North and South points and also caused the earth’s core to heat at an alarming rate. This causes, of course, floods and unexpected volcano eruptions.

Since the Americans (everything always circle around them being the leader and decision maker in worldwide disaster, no?) lead the project along with funding from other world leaders to build 4 arks to save humankind and some animals (aka Noah’s Ark) to survive this flash flood and subsequently repopulate the world.

John Cusack plays the cliche divorcee with his kids who are living with his ex wife (Amanda Peet) and her new husband. Since he’s the supposedly average Joe, estranged by his wife and kids discovering something about the government’s plans to conceal the incident of armaggedon from the rest of the world. He’s the lead actor (of sorts) in this movie, therefore – you know he won’t die.

This comes to a very unrealistic scenes of him dodging the cracking earth and collapsing buildings and highways in his stretch limo with the whole family in the car. That was utterly unrealistic but filled with special effects indeed. But it was quite evident in everyone in the audience after the scene ended that nobody is buying how unrealistic that was!!!

The special effects is amazing alright. But I have to agree with a lot of the reviewers out there that it’s nothing that we’ve not seen before. The crumbling building, the volcano eruptions with debris of huge lava filled rocks hitting the earth (reminiscent of Armageddon and The Day After Tomorrow).

There are a few very very cliche scened in the movie, where John Cusack supposedly saved his family from the destroying city, the new husband flying the family off to safety, the Russian honcho sacrificing himself for everyone on board the flight and John Cusack removing the stuck cable on a sinking arc headed for Mount Everest. You can just about see me roll my eyes so much throughout the movie.

Overall, the movie was good enough to watch. Nothing special but just another disaster big budget movie. Worth a watch, indeed but don’t expect too much out of the whole thing. It is good to stir a conversation about what you would do if it ever happened to you.

I want to point out a few things:-

1. If they were selling tickets to a top secret ark and only less than half a million people were allowed to board – I would give up! No way I will have enough money to qualify for a seat! Amongst the entire worldwide population?

2. If it were limited seats given to selective qualified people – based on genetics, intelligence, etc. I wouldn’t apply for it as well. No way to I belong to the top level of those criteria either. I would stay here, go to a higher point and watch it all go down (like Woody Harrelson’s character in the movie).

3. If it was a lottery draw, I will buy a ticket to try. Since it’s all pure luck, right? I might win the lottery. I would not fly to China and fight my ass to be on board the ark. There would be billions of people fighting for this as well and chances are, with my luck, I will be trampled to death in the crowd before I get anywhere near seeing the ark.

4. Since this is supposed to happen in 3 years time, many of you have already started to think about not paying your credit cards and loans considering it’s all not going to matter anyway. I know money won’t matter anymore, too. But yet, I would still work my ass off like nothing’s gonna happen. When the time is closer and if it really looks like it’s gonna be the end of the world, I will take all the money I have and plan one helluva farewell party where all types of people (young and old), all animals (dogs, cats, giraffes are all welcomed) with no dress codes (come dressed in a bikini or as a Christmas tree for all I care). Party like there’s no tomorrow, on the streets of KL. Yes, in the middle of the street. Just drive your car up and leave it there in the middle of the road. Nobody cares!!! Drink and drive – nobody cares!

5. It is predicted that this would happen on 21st December 2012. That is my 34th birthday!! Yes, exact date. So I tell my friends that on the countdown to my birthday / end of the world – we’ll go out and have a giant party like there’s no tomorrow. Well, indeed, there might be no tomorrow. Also, since it’ll probably be the last birthday present that I will ever receive (and you will ever have to buy) make it a big expensive gift!!!

So the question to you is this – What would you do if you knew that it’s going to be the end of the world?

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