Featured on CNet Asia

I have been blogging now for less than a year. The thorough researches that I’ve done over the time of starting to join the growing community of blogger may have been short but I’ve learned a lot.

Considering this is my first blog, I was (of course) rambling and typing down anything I can think of. Which could also mean that I have not been able to find a niche topic for my blog. I have talked on about technology to relationship to celebrity gossip. The 3 main topics I read up a lot about online (and subscribe to a lot of RSS feeds so I am constantly updated).

Technology has always been my biggest area of interest. I read so many feeds on different technology sites that I’m not joking when I say I am UP TO DATE!!!

I have also done a tremendous amount of research about getting traffic and readers to your blog. One of the things I learned about increasing readers of the blog has always puzzled me.

Create another blog and link to your own blog

I never really understood this? Promoting one blog is tough enough, why would I want to go and create more blogs out there that I have to spend time maintaining?

However, another advise I learn about increasing blog traffic has also been :

Comment on other blogs, forums and sites intelligently to entice readers to visit your blog.

This has proved to be very helpful indeed. I don’t usually comment on the many sites I subscribe to. But I decided that this advice should not be missed. So I started posting comments as much as I can. Intelligent and useful comments, mind you. It’s not like those popular YouTubers where you read comments like , “FIRST!” or “Nice.” or “LOL”. These comments just don’t mean a thing – except help the comment count.

… and so I got more active in commenting and posting. It finally paid off. I am now a featured member on CNet Asia. I need to get up to a certain level of activeness in the site to warrant this. I posted as much comment and reviews as I can about stuff I know. It is about sharing your knowledge, right?

The good thing is that I visit CNet Asia’s site alot for tech purchase advice and truly enjoyed reading their Crave blog as well.

So a few days ago, I noticed that I was the top “Featured Member” on their site. I was ecstatic!!!

I noticed that being a member, there’s a “My Blog” tab on my profile management page. After clicking it, I found out that I need to be at least a Level 2 member to enjoy this privilege. So, more commenting, more posting and finally – WOO-HOO! I am a Level 2 member!!!

So, today I spent some time copying my tech related post onto my profile there. I only provided minimal content and summary and link to my full blog here. I feel happy to be able to share my views on technology and have people read them (hopefully). I am giggly thinking that I could potentially up my traffic visits here. Fingers and toes crossed.

The best thing is – I am a featured blogger on CNet Asia’s blog page too. *GRIN*

But generally, I am more interested to be able to share my views. I am a tech geek (confession, really) and I get a lot of non-techie friends asking me about advice on tech and stuff. So I am quite used to explaining tech in layman’s terms. Which is what I set out to do when I post about technology. I don’t want to confuse people with tech jargons. If they want full technical specifications and info, there are plenty of sites out there that does this. I want to be able to explain technology the way tech sites can’t – in human language and in simple, understandable terms.

I wish I have done that enough and I wish my friends and readers appreciate it.

So, for the CNet Asia referrers and if there’s any of the CNet Asia guys here… Thanks a million!!!!

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