My Tiffany indulgence

Ever since I was young, I would watch movies where the lead actress gets presented with beautiful light blue boxes with gorgeous white ribbons containing “girl’s best friends”. I am talking about the beauty of Tiffany & Co. jewelry. I love getting little baby blue paperback that contains a baby blue box tied with a white ribbon. I open the box to see another baby blue drawstring fabric pouch. Inside, my breath is always taken away.
Every girl loves jewelry. And to get one in the signature blue and white is the best!
I have been very prudent with my spending for months now. I was in the discipline of clearing past careless spending and needed to get my credit record back in the black. I have not shopped (no shoes, no handbag, no big expensive gadget) for months now and I decided I deserved a reward. Although credit is still in the red, but manageable red. 😛

I went to Pavillion today with my husband and decided to pamper him. I bought him a matching titanium necklace and bracelet from Tiffany’s men’s collection in the past. The necklace don’t fit him too well anymore. So we walked in to get him a new one.
The new one is with rubber chain but is the same collection as the previous titanium bracelet that he had. This one is less fragile and has a longer chain so it fit him perfectly. The previous one was big chains like the bracelet and his friends were joking that it looked like a dog collar. I felt bad for him that a gift I got him was the butt of jokes amongst his friends. “Looks like Winnie’s keeping you on a leash, huh?” The new one is less garish and fits him perfectly. He loved it and I love that he loved it.
I decided to pamper myself as well while we’re there. So I got myself a necklace that I can wear in the day. For work, for leisure. Something not too delicate and not too garish. So I got myself their new Tiffany sterling silver bead necklace with the classic pendant. I absolutely loved it! I love to pamper myself like this sometimes.
When I paid with my credit card, I was reminded by the salesman that I was on Tiffany’s mailing list. I received their catalogue in my mail not too long ago, which sparked the sudden interest to walk into the store. What I really wanted is one of their new collection of Tiffany keys. The look absolutely gorgeous and I feel like that would most likely be my next purchase.
Unless someone is volunteering to buy one for me?

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