Halloween in Kuala Lumpur

Last Saturday on the 31st October every year was Halloween. In Asia, it is not a widely celebrated event. What we see on TV with the kids dressing up in costumes and going door-to-door for “Trick or Treat”-ing, that’s not practiced here at all.

In fact, I was just wondering if we get American families here who would like their kids to continue this tradition here – what would they do? They can’t go randomly ringing door bells of strangers. Their neighbours would definitely not be expecting any visits and most likely would not have spare candies lying around the house.

I think, if I’m American and I want my kids to continue the dress up and tradition, I would probably have to drop a note to all my neighbours like a month in advanced, letting them know that I might be going around on that night with my dressed up kids for candy collection. It would be fun though.
In KL however, alot of nigh clubs celebrate this and encourage their clubbers to come dressed up. I think this is a neat idea and some people really take it seriously and put in the effort. I think it’s nice.
This is a dessert in the shape of a bloody finger they were serving their guests at Werners @ Changkat
This is me trying to pick my nose with the bloody finger
This year, me and some friends went bar-hopping at Changkat to celebrate a birthday and also to check out the Halloween go-ers. There are some interesting characters making the effort to dress up. There are also those half-assed people who just put on a mask or splashed some red paint on their white T-shirt and called it a costume. SAD!
I didn’t dress up. I would like to. Really I would. So I decided that I would start a Halloween party next year for close friends. You’re only allowed entry to the house party if you’re dressed. That would be nice.
If you dressed up this Halloween, what was your costume? If you didn’t but wanted to or if given the chance to, what would you have been? Let me know.

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