Digital Camera Review – Sony T77 vs Canon Ixus 100IS

My previous blogs introduced you to the different cameras I have used for my vlogging activities here. Since then, I have experimented and finally found a great software to convert my Canon HG10 HDD camera’s AVCHD format videos to AVI format using this amazing free software called AVCHD Converter.

You can download the Free AVCHD Converter through CNet here.

Recently, I bought a brand new digital camera – the Canon Ixus 100IS to replace my current Sony DSC-T77 which was a good, slim party cam. The biggest selling point for me (pardon the superficial ignorance) is the fact that the camera is available in my favourite RED colour. 😛

To read the full review of both cameras on CNet Asia, click here >>

Also check out my new YouTube video where I show you the cool features of both the Sony and the Canon. Again, this is not a technical review as I’m not a photography enthusiast, but good enough for the average user to review if you’re looking to buy a brand new consumer Point-and-Shoot camera.

2009-10-18 : I bought a brand new Canon Ixus 100IS camera which was in the similar point-and-shoot range as my previous Sony DSC-T77 slim camera. I wanted to share with average consumers the difference between both cameras, highlight their cool features and a simple comparison.

Here’s a quick table comparison of both cameras (only in my personal opinion) :

It’s not exactly a fair comparison for this as the Sony is a 6 month old camera with 10.1 megapixel lens while the Canon is 12.1 megapixel. However, several reviews I read named these 2 cameras as the most popular ones that are being compared and evaluated for an average user like myself.In conclusion, I believe both cameras are equally good. Depending on your preference and needs, choose one that suits you best. For my HD movies on the go, the new Canon is my best bet right now.


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