Marge Simpson on Playboy

If you haven’t heard already, the Pop Culture is getting weirder by the minute. Several articles from different sites I frequent started posting this article on Marge Simpson’s Playboy debut. This cover and photo spread is to mark The Simpson’s 20th anniversary.
Marge is now the first cartoon covergirl on Playboy, which is apparently a strategy for Playboy to reach audiences in their 20s. Errr… how? She’ll be gracing the covers of the November 2009 issue of Playboy. So the American readers out there should get a copy of this, just for the sake of it being a collector’s item!!!
Check out the rest of the covershoot photos here  >>

My, oh my. Marge!!! so provocative!
I like this – MILK : “Mom I’d Like To Know”

I see Homer in the shadows. So he did give his consent for these pictures.
I like this too. “Turn Ons : having enough saucers for your cups.”

Oh my! Some nipple action here. Marge, you really surprise me.

Also came across this interesting article on on other rejected cartoon covergirls >> Rejected Playboy Cover Girls and I share here some pictures I found funny.

Olive Oyl

Cheetara (from ThunderCats)

Cruella DeVille (with saggy boobs and all)

and finally… Mrs Garrison (from South Park)

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