Beyonce banned (again)

I read another article today about banning Beyonce’s concert tour… again. I have previously blogged about this topic before.
Read the article here >> She’s too sexy for Pas

This is not the first time that PAS has indicated that the “sexy” performer is too much for Malaysian audience. A friend on Facebook made a good comment that don’t they know that her music videos are widely broadcasted on TV? If there’s a protest for her image and the “wrong” message to our youths, should we have not shown any Western music videos on our TV as well?

Pas Youth chief Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi said, “How can we allow such acts to be performed in Malaysia as nothing good is going to come out of it.” Err…. it’s called Entertainment, not Edu-tainment.

He was also quoted to saying this:

Citing violence among Indian youths in the country today, he said it was a long-term result of allowing violent Tamil movies to be screened over RTM, Astro and cinemas.

“Just look at the weapons the Indian youths are using to settle problems … the very weapons you see on Tamil movies… and this is not an overnight phenomena,” he said.

In the same breath Nasruddin called on the government to censure and reduce Tamil movies that propogated violence to help ween the Indian society of its affinity for violence.

“They are also part of our society and our brothers and we just cannot let them go on killing each other.

“Ask any sober thinking Indian and they will attest to what I am saying,” he said.

OMG! Did he just make a racist remark? What does he mean by “Ask any sober thinking Indian…”?

I also came across this amazing article on MSN Entertainment on the other musical acts that were banned in Malaysia in the past.
Read the article here >> Too raunchy for Malaysia!

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