TechWrap of the Week

So many things happened this week for Technology news that I simply can’t flood all my post on them. So here’s a quick summary of 5 all new breaking news in Mobile and Tech…

1. HTC announces Windows Mobile 6.5 update

If you don’t already know, I am a proud owner of the HTC Touch Pro2. I even did a video review of the phone on YouTube here. As informed on HTC’s Twitter, FaceBook and SEA Website updates, HTC is now offering new ROM update for some of their existing line of WM6.1 devices. Currently, Europe has started offering this OS update to HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Snap users as reported by Engadget Mobile. However, as of this moment, only HTC Snap is receiving this update in SEA.

For a HTC Touch Pro2 user like me, I can’t wait to update the OS on my phone and start enjoying some cool new finger friendly scrolling.

Follow me on my Twitter for the latest update when it’ll be available for other fellow TP2 owners like me.

2. Vodafone Blackberry Storm2 26 Oct pre-order

Engadget Mobile reported here that Vodafone will be starting the pre-order of the much anticipated Blackberry Storm2 this coming 26 Oct. BoyGeniusReport continued to update here that Vodafone will only have this exclusivity for a few weeks only. After which, other carriers will start to offer this upgraded Storm2.

Still on Blackberry news, the new Blackberry Bold 9700 will arrive in T-Mobile Germany in November as reported on PhoneDog here and BoyGeniusReport here.

On a lighter note, Blackberry will also be selling their new White coloured Bold at the same price as the current black version with AT&T in US. This is not very timely as the new Bold’s launch is just around the corner. But hey, the white colour BB does look cool.

3. Palm Pre GSM out in Europe

If you’re read my earlier post on my Mobile phone wishlist this year, I have also listed Palm Pre as one of them. Unfortunately, since Palm announced the CDMA version for US only, I have been sitting patiently checking blogs and tech sites on a daily basis, waiting for the emergence of the GSM version.

Finally the day is here, reported by Engadget Mobile here and here, O2 Germany will offer the device at the cost of EURO$481 without contract. That’s almost RM2,700. Other than several reviews that I’ve read about the instability of Palm’s webOS and the skinny marketplace, I am still quite certain that this will be another cool tech geek phone to own. I can almost hear my wallet emptying.

4. Microsoft News on Windows 7 and T-Mobile/Danger screw up

BoyGeniusReport updated here that Microsoft have enlisted some star power to help them use Adult cartoon series, Family Guy to promote Windows 7. The last time Microsoft spent this kind of ad mullah was with Jerry Seinfeld on Vista.

Check out the video:-

This week also marks Microsoft’s big boo-boo with the loss of subscriber’s data on T-Mobile Sidekick due to their newly acquired firm, Danger (who manufactured the Sidekick). As reported by TechCrunch here, a supposed Microsoft/Danger server failure has caused all of its users data stored to be completely wiped clean. This includes phonebook contacts, any files like pictures, videos. messages, etc. Some angry customers, including a very angry PerezHilton twittered this disaster and have terminated his service and pledged for a big boycott of T-Mobile.

T-Mobile subsequently discontinued all Sidekick product lines and attempted to restore most (if not all) of the lost data. They issued a statement today and offered the affected users a USD$100 gift card! WTF??? If I lost all my contacts, messages, files, etc, you’re just gonna give me 100 bucks just so I shut up? Dang!

5. E-Book Reader updates

In my last post on Technology WishList, I mentioned that I would loved to be a proud owner of an e-book reader. So, it was good news to me when I found out that Amazon are beginning to offer their new Kindle2 e-reader for International shipping. This e-reader can wirelessly allow you to browse and purchase e-books off Read about the Kindle2 on Amazon website here. Unfortunately though, after checking the international shipping availability, it will not be available in Malaysia or Singapore as yet. However, there are plenty other forums and sites that will teach you how to buy an imported unit and get it working here. Google it.

Barnes & Noble also announced here that they will start to offer their “colour” e-book reader. CNet and Gizmodo found some leaked images of this Kindle competition here. This is rumoured to be launched in US next week.

Another good news on this front, Google Books will launch soon as reported by TechCrunch here.

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