Why I Blog?

As much as I tried, I don’t get any regular / hard core followers on my blogsite. This is probably because I don’t really have anything interesting to say. Maybe it’s because I never focus on any specific topics as my mind sort of rambles on about anything and everything I find interesting, Maybe I am not a regular blogger with interesting updates which makes it hard for anyone to really truly become a fan of my work. Maybe I am not selling anything or promoting the site enough.

So, the question really is – why do I blog?

I started when I wanted to move all my other Social Networking sites content to another easier platform where anyone can comment (read : Multiply). Also, I was feeling restless and was advised to find an outlet (or hobby) to release my thoughts.

I started diary writing to myself (on a blank sheet of Microsoft Word) and it wasn’t fulfilling enough. I also know that I wanted to do some YouTube videos sometimes that can include my friends and family to share. So I decided to start blogging and vlogging at the same time.

I get stuck and pressured to come up with content sometimes. I know I can literally blog every minute because there’ll be an article I read or a news I saw or some stupid celebrity gossip or technological update that I can talk about. But I wanted to be able to write something original with my two cents instead of just plain commenting on other news. I can already do that with Facebook today by sharing a link and adding my comment.

Although I try so very hard to dedicate time to write original contents like this, it is not always easy. It is not always exciting. Sometimes, I am pressured to think that I need to keep a healthy regularity in my blogs. There are days, of course where I can’t be bothered to write a full blown feature article.

Which is weird for me, as there are not really any fans / followers sitting by the edge of their seat, waiting to read my next blog. It’s just basic everyday rants and rambles mostly.

In conclusion, I write because it is an outlet for me. I write because I love words. I write because I wanted to do what I loved when I was young (although I used to write fiction short stories). Hmmm…. maybe I will do a series of fiction stories posts…

To the few readers I have of my blog out there, I want to thank you for reading my posts. I want to thank you for supporting this little “outlet” of mine. I want to thank you for leaving your comments, rating my YouTube videos and following / subscribing to me. That handful of you are what keeps me going…

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