Funny Technological Discoveries Online

As I was catching up on industry news and online blogs and websites on latest news and gossips, I came across several interesting technological finds on CRAVE, CNet Asia’s blog about all things technology.

I am immediately greeted with the news of the latest “green” mobile phone invention called the “Touch Wood” phone made entirely of wood by the Japanese carrier NTT Docomo. I believe it was Sony Ericsson who came up with “green” mobile phone solutions awhile back. Has the world gone mad with a wooden mobile phone?

There are other interesting (and weird) finds on the website if you’d just browse through the blog entries, especially on their “Lifestyle” category. This includes:-

A “Rock Band” ottoman (one for the boys)

Jewelry Bluetooth Headset (for the ladies)

In-Line Skating Rollercoaster (for the adrenalin junkie)

Personalised urn of the deceased head (for those who really misses the deceased and not mind how creepy this is)

Corner Wall Photo frames (for creative photo display or to hide cracks on your corner wall)

 Outlet Wall (for those with a gazillion cables and not enough sockets)

Handphone Rings (now this is where the future is heading…)

Elephant Prosthetic leg (technology that gives back to the world)

Minority Report style computer (my personal favourite. Can’t wait to have this)

There are simply too many interesting posts here that I can’t possibly list them all. Also, I believe haf the fun is discovering these new technologies and innovations yourself. If browsing is not your thing, then be sure to know that you should be proud of being in such an inquisitive generation that will continue to come up with something so creative (and sometimes bizzare) for our future generations (or your old age… whichever comes first).

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